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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for 80-General Hospital/Personal Use

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
101-7821522-3/1/1 05-Jan-2009 80DWL 3006174517 Lloveras, S.A. Spain
AEK-9147118-1/5/1 12-Jan-2009 80FMF 3007220262 Terzo Sandro Italy
413-2865008-4/1/2 09-Jan-2009 80FNY 3003255800 Meixin Medical Suzhou Co., Ltd. China
D97-0472677-4/3/1 12-Jan-2009 80FOR 1000181882 Hoffman Marketing S.L. Spain
101-7821522-3/2/1 05-Jan-2009 80FQM 3006174514 Wernli Ag Switzerland
FR1-0012516-5/2/1 12-Jan-2009 80FRN 3006471098 Daiken Medical Co. Ltd. Japan
413-2865008-4/1/1 09-Jan-2009 80KYX 3003255800 Meixin Medical Suzhou Co., Ltd. China
XXX-0250674-0/1/1 15-Jan-2009 80KYZ 3002807287 Intervet International, BV Netherlands
112-5184724-3/1/1 05-Jan-2009 80KZE 1000228839 Activa Brand Products, Inc. Canada
EQ6-0008834-6/1/1 09-Jan-2009 80LDQ 5833 EPPENDORF AG Germany
F23-9004078-0/1/1 09-Jan-2009 80LYZ 3006540060 ZIBO HENGDE PLASTIC & RUBBER PRODUCTS CO., LTD. China
231-5835407-9/1/1 13-Jan-2009 80LYZ 3005478020 Great Glove (Xinghua) Incorporation China
231-5835407-9/1/2 13-Jan-2009 80LYZ 3005478020 Great Glove (Xinghua) Incorporation China
315-6916011-7/1/1 14-Jan-2009 80LYZ 3003199637 Ansell Canada, Inc. Canada
791-5676270-4/1/2 15-Jan-2009 80LYZ 3003255494 Heyuan Hongli Industries, Inc. China
BEA-9051418-9/1/1 22-Jan-2009 80LYZ 3006543087 GLORMED COLOMBIA S.A. Colombia
231-1220990-6/1/1 30-Jan-2009 80LYZ 3006046574 Hong Di Plastic Products Co Ltd China
112-5384018-8/2/1 06-Jan-2009 80MEG 3007221990 Fairgozzi Surgical Co Pakistan
FR1-0012541-3/1/1 26-Jan-2009 80MIA 3000247873 Nipro Corporation Japan
FR1-0012549-6/1/1 26-Jan-2009 80MMK 3000974732 Greiner Bio-One Gmbh Austria
UPS-3531009-1/1/1 26-Jan-2009 80MQX 3004591155 Agoart Snc Italy
112-5184792-0/1/1 06-Jan-2009 80NZI 3003463070 Nucryst Pharmaceuticals Corp Canada