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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for Haiti

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
M85-0054815-0/7/1 14-Oct-2009 23KFT09 3007769379 Gaston Croissy
M85-0054815-0/8/1 14-Oct-2009 26CGT05 3007769379 Gaston Croissy
M85-0054815-0/9/1 14-Oct-2009 02DAT01 3007769379 Gaston Croissy
M85-0054815-0/10/1 14-Oct-2009 28SAT04 3007769379 Gaston Croissy
M85-0054815-0/11/1 14-Oct-2009 53BF99 3007769379 Gaston Croissy
M85-0054815-0/12/1 14-Oct-2009 28CGT02 3007769379 Gaston Croissy
M85-0054815-0/13/1 14-Oct-2009 36AGT03 3007769379 Gaston Croissy
M85-0054751-7/1/1/B 14-Oct-2009 17AGT50 3006380488 Carribex SA
M85-0054751-7/3/1/A 14-Oct-2009 28CGT02 3001124108 Pharmacie Vital - Herne
M85-0054751-7/3/1/B 14-Oct-2009 28MHT04 3001124108 Pharmacie Vital - Herne
M85-0054751-7/3/1/C 14-Oct-2009 37JCT99 3007728530 Lima Guinel
M85-0054751-7/3/1/D 14-Oct-2009 37JCT99 3007771480 C. Bedouet
M85-0054751-7/5/1 14-Oct-2009 23KFT09 3007728530 Lima Guinel
M85-0054751-7/7/1/B 14-Oct-2009 53JK01 3007728530 Lima Guinel
M85-0054751-7/7/1/C 14-Oct-2009 64XDL06 3003985282 Vallieres
M85-0054751-7/4/1 14-Oct-2009 26CGT05 3007728530 Lima Guinel