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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for 64-Human and Animal Drugs

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
F57-3714515-4/15/1/C 13-Oct-2009 64AAY16 2411192 Professional Disposables International, Inc. United States
AEK-9935586-5/1/1 13-Oct-2009 64BCA24 3007803880 Deepali India
AEK-9935586-5/1/5 13-Oct-2009 64BCA48 3007803880 Deepali India
113-4903792-6/1/1 28-Oct-2009 64CCS01 1000203878 Macfarian Smith Ltf United Kingdom
112-8019464-1/1/1 17-Oct-2009 64GAB20 1000168130 Merck Sharp & Dohme Limited United Kingdom
112-5344116-9/1/1 19-Oct-2009 64GDP19 3002912363 Schering Aktiengesellschaft Germany
112-1839443-8/2/2 30-Oct-2009 64LCR06 3006269632 Mantecorp Ind Quimica E Farmaceu Brazil
112-5180333-7/1/1 19-Oct-2009 64LDB58 3004148917 Pfizer Ssrl Argentina
112-5115476-4/1/1 19-Oct-2009 64LIR52 3007194665 Henan All Welldone I/E Trading Co., China
112-7125468-5/1/1 17-Oct-2009 64LIY19 3003708554 Fresenius Kabi Austria GmbH Austria
112-5002745-8/1/1 19-Oct-2009 64MDK12 3004848023 Ferring Pharma Ltd United Kingdom
AEK-6601899-1/1/1 23-Oct-2009 64RCA17 3007296572 Astrazeneca Pharma India
112-2713240-7/2/1 19-Oct-2009 64UCA02 3003466002 BAYER (INDIA) LIMITED India
AEK-6601885-0/1/1 23-Oct-2009 64UCA06 3007858804 Norwood Hyprmarket Pharmac Y South Africa
112-5180333-7/2/1 19-Oct-2009 64UDB01 1000527885 Bristol Myers Squibb P.G. Canada
112-2617972-2/1/1 22-Oct-2009 64XDB11 3002408898 Hoffman-Laroche Limited Canada
M85-0054751-7/7/1/C 14-Oct-2009 64XDL06 3003985282 Vallieres Haiti