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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for 79-General & Plastic Surgery

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
BOZ-0009952-9/1/1 26-Jun-2009 79FTR 2000032400 Shantou Win Resources Trading Co., Ltd China
286-3536018-4/1/1 12-Jun-2009 79FXX 1000392704 Tohoku Pioneer Electronic Corp. Japan
BSL-0404109-2/2/1 22-Jun-2009 79FYB 3005246188 Lucky Impex Pakistan
231-8972461-3/33/1 24-Jun-2009 79FZY 3374 Hilbro (PVT) Ltd. Pakistan
AEK-9870488-1/2/1 01-Jun-2009 79GAA 3007542332 Ets China
231-8972461-3/31/1 24-Jun-2009 79GAD 3374 Hilbro (PVT) Ltd. Pakistan
112-7774469-7/1/1 10-Jun-2009 79GCB 3005979981 Harwood Design United States
231-8972461-3/30/1 24-Jun-2009 79GDR 3374 Hilbro (PVT) Ltd. Pakistan
231-8972461-3/27/1 24-Jun-2009 79GEN 3374 Hilbro (PVT) Ltd. Pakistan
231-8972461-3/28/1 24-Jun-2009 79GEN 3374 Hilbro (PVT) Ltd. Pakistan
E8L-1005779-7/2/1 10-Jun-2009 79GEX 3011361886 Regulatory Insight, Inc United States
AEK-9798866-7/4/1 22-Jun-2009 79JCY 3003821720 Baxter Healthcare Costa Rica
AEK-9798866-7/5/1 22-Jun-2009 79JCY 3002806469 B. Braun Melsungen AG Germany
AEK-9798866-7/6/1 22-Jun-2009 79JCY 3001810581 Becton Dickinson Inf Ther Ab Sweden
UPS-4979327-4/1/3 15-Jun-2009 79KCX 3003340857 Mua Ortho Dentics Supply Pakistan
112-3120515-7/1/1 08-Jun-2009 79KGO 3002700151 Terang Nusa Sdn. Bhd. Malaysia
F57-3710428-4/5/1 23-Jun-2009 79KGO 3000136785 Superex Canada Ltd Canada
231-8972461-3/34/1 24-Jun-2009 79LRW 3374 Hilbro (PVT) Ltd. Pakistan
BKA-0104272-3/1/1 10-Jun-2009 79NRO 3006007116 Surgisil United States
EML-0108914-7/1/1 09-Jun-2009 79OHO 3007237971 Sunny Loan Top Co Ltd China
112-7676110-6/3/1 10-Jun-2009 79OHO 3007582651 Leeds China
DQ4-6948455-3/1/1 25-Jun-2009 79OHO 3004964590 Avox Systems Inc United States