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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for Sri Lanka

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
HA9-0900043-2/12/1 01-Jul-2009 63RRY06 3004856210 Lankan Delight
HA9-0900043-2/12/2 01-Jul-2009 53IG01 3004856210 Lankan Delight
HA9-0900043-2/14/2 01-Jul-2009 54CYL99 3004856210 Lankan Delight
HA9-0900043-2/15/1 01-Jul-2009 29WCT02 3004856210 Lankan Delight
HA9-0900043-2/19/2/A 01-Jul-2009 54EAY10 3004856210 Lankan Delight
HA9-0900043-2/20/1 01-Jul-2009 62MBY08 3004856210 Lankan Delight
HA9-0900043-2/23/1 01-Jul-2009 53JK01 3004856210 Lankan Delight
HA9-0900043-2/28/1 01-Jul-2009 54FCT99 3004856210 Lankan Delight
HA9-0900043-2/28/2 01-Jul-2009 66VAY99 3004856210 Lankan Delight
HA9-0900003-6/16/1 06-Jul-2009 25YEP99 1000616256 Lanka Canneries (Pvt) Ltd.
HA9-0900003-6/17/1 06-Jul-2009 37JCP99 1000616256 Lanka Canneries (Pvt) Ltd.
HA9-0900003-6/18/3 06-Jul-2009 25JCP25 1000616256 Lanka Canneries (Pvt) Ltd.
HA9-0900003-6/23/3 06-Jul-2009 16YCP99 1000616256 Lanka Canneries (Pvt) Ltd.
HA9-0900006-9/1/3 06-Jul-2009 23FCT05 3004856210 Lankan Delight
WIG-4051642-7/1/1/A 08-Jul-2009 28AYY13 3002759034 Eoas Organics
WIG-4051642-7/1/1/B 08-Jul-2009 28BGY13 3002759034 Eoas Organics
HA9-0900043-2/2/5 27-Jul-2009 02CGT01 3004856210 Lankan Delight
HA9-0900043-2/30/1 27-Jul-2009 02DGT02 3004856210 Lankan Delight
HA9-0900043-2/37/1 27-Jul-2009 21SCE10 3010122428 Pan-Am Foods (Pvt) Ltd.
HA9-0900043-2/37/2 27-Jul-2009 21SCE10 3010122428 Pan-Am Foods (Pvt) Ltd.
HA9-0900043-2/37/3 27-Jul-2009 25JCE12 3010122428 Pan-Am Foods (Pvt) Ltd.
HA9-0900043-2/37/4 27-Jul-2009 25JCE18 3010122428 Pan-Am Foods (Pvt) Ltd.
HA9-0900043-2/38/1 27-Jul-2009 36AGT03 3004027094 Amk Food Export (Pvt) Ltd.
HA9-0900043-2/38/2 27-Jul-2009 36AGT03 3004027094 Amk Food Export (Pvt) Ltd.