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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for 64-Human and Animal Drugs

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
EBH-0064571-6/71/1 20-Aug-2009 64ABU19 3005247298 Perfumeria Espaniola Corp Philippines
112-6366880-1/1/2 18-Aug-2009 64CAL99 3005512880 Sanofi Aventis Spa Italy
112-6366880-1/1/1 18-Aug-2009 64CAL99 3005512880 Sanofi Aventis Spa Italy
112-6928019-7/1/2 21-Aug-2009 64GDA20 3001645453 Boehringer Ingelheim Canada Canada
BHC-5003124-2/17/1 21-Aug-2009 64LDY06 2432435 Fougera Pharmaceuticals Inc. United States
BHC-5003124-2/2/1 21-Aug-2009 64LDY67 3005074698 Stiefel Laboratories Ltd United States
112-6529944-9/1/1 18-Aug-2009 64MCY01 3007379889 Igho Esemitode Nigeria
112-7352886-2/1/1 26-Aug-2009 64RCA17 3007529794 Nolver C A Venezuela
112-7154587-6/1/1/A 28-Aug-2009 64RCP21 3002807500 Lilly Analytical Research Lab Canada
112-8455157-2/1/1 21-Aug-2009 64RCY17 3007718313 Hangzhou Rongda Ph China
112-5242126-1/1/1 18-Aug-2009 64RCY99 3003713246 Sniff Italia Spa Italy
523-0861092-3/1/1 06-Aug-2009 64RQR99 3001734129 Industriale Chimica S.R.L. Italy
BHC-5003124-2/3/1 21-Aug-2009 64TDA01 3009325614 Salix Pharmaceuticals Inc United States
112-7151440-1/1/1 28-Aug-2009 64UIB99 3005753354 Sanofi Aventis United Kingdom
112-6258837-2/1/1 19-Aug-2009 64VCZ01 3002946264 Aventis Pharma Inc Canada
M21-0740332-3/1/1 10-Aug-2009 64XBR06 3006094247 Research Pharmaceutical Co Ltd China
BHC-5003124-2/9/1 21-Aug-2009 64XDK12 3007702690 Ortho-Mcneil United States
BHC-5003124-2/18/1 21-Aug-2009 64XDO12 1811666 Perrigo Company PLC United States
BHC-5003124-2/22/1 21-Aug-2009 64XDO12 3005130594 Triax Pharmaceuticals, LLC United States