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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for United Kingdom

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
AEK-8037922-1/1/1 04-Jan-2010 78LKY 3006205650 Lativio Llp
AEK-8037914-8/1/1 06-Jan-2010 78LKY 3006205650 Lativio Llp
AEK-8040867-3/1/1 07-Jan-2010 78JCW 3006205650 Lativio Llp
470-0063778-6/2/1 07-Jan-2010 66VIQ99 3006548924 Nasaleze International Limited
470-0063778-6/1/1 07-Jan-2010 66VIQ99 3006548924 Nasaleze International Limited
AEK-8031875-7/1/1 11-Jan-2010 78JCW 3006205650 Lativio Llp
101-8417116-2/2/1 13-Jan-2010 64HAL02 3008069912 William Ransom And Sons Plc
336-3803114-9/2/1 14-Jan-2010 80FMF 3008019977 Jays Close
336-3803114-9/2/2 14-Jan-2010 80FPA 3008019977 Jays Close
336-3803114-9/9/1 14-Jan-2010 80FPA 3008019977 Jays Close
KV4-0103967-9/1/1 14-Jan-2010 90LMA 3007871169 Lundy Healthcare
AEK-8026347-4/1/1 15-Jan-2010 54YEA99 3006982122 Proactol Ltd
AEK-8044949-5/1/1 20-Jan-2010 60XCA17 3008047119 Mayflower Healthcare
Q15-0136295-8/8/1 25-Jan-2010 34FFT03 3004677750 Cadbury Limited
AEK-8003638-3/1/1 26-Jan-2010 62ZCP04 3006539896 London Gynacology Centre
AEK-8003638-3/1/2 26-Jan-2010 64GCB07 3006539896 London Gynacology Centre
AEK-8003638-3/1/3 26-Jan-2010 65JCM31 3006539896 London Gynacology Centre
UY4-0032768-9/1/1/A 28-Jan-2010 68YYL20 3004796689 Provimi Limited