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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for Philippines

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
427-7317340-8/3/2 01-Oct-2010 53LD01 3003995293 Sara Lee Philippines, Inc.
DE0-0097194-0/1/1 05-Oct-2010 31AGT03 3008341023 Lorenzana Food International
112-7084737-2/1/1 08-Oct-2010 86HQG 3007495519 Mae Flotildes
EA1-0185630-3/6/1 13-Oct-2010 30YGT99 3003330110 Kraft Foods Philipppines Inc.
XXX-0173873-2/1/1 13-Oct-2010 25LGH23 3003204351 Aling Conching Native Products
BXE-0021160-5/6/1 18-Oct-2010 16ACT01 3004394202 Lorenzana Food Corporation
BDD-0776297-0/14/1 21-Oct-2010 03RGD02 3004814871 SEA-LAND HARVEST, INC.
112-9458517-3/2/1 25-Oct-2010 76ELL 3005048185 Empress Dental Lab
112-9407423-6/2/1 25-Oct-2010 76NSP 3005048185 Empress Dental Lab
112-9407423-6/1/1 25-Oct-2010 76ELW 3005048185 Empress Dental Lab
ARM-0049629-5/1/2 26-Oct-2010 16AGH22 3004293973 Sampaca Foods Inc.
112-8830580-2/1/1 26-Oct-2010 30YGF02 3005268828 Trully Natural Food Corp.
DO7-8373533-8/1/1 26-Oct-2010 87KWL 3006373017 United Medical