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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for 76-Dental

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
D03-0210187-4/7/1 08-Dec-2010 76EBI 3004863897 Dmg Us United States
D03-0210187-4/16/1 08-Dec-2010 76EBI 1316092 Ivoclar Vivadent, Inc. United States
AEK-8359008-9/1/7 30-Dec-2010 76EFL 1000279168 Dr. Frigz International (Pvt.) Ltd. Pakistan
D03-0210187-4/21/1 08-Dec-2010 76EFN 1410097 GC America, Inc. United States
HE8-0111423-3/12/2 03-Dec-2010 76EFW 3008343388 Yiwu Bridge Import & Export Co Ltd China
HE8-0111423-3/12/1 03-Dec-2010 76EFW 3008343388 Yiwu Bridge Import & Export Co Ltd China
KC2-1007019-1/17/1 03-Dec-2010 76EFW 3008366051 Tung Wing Ind And Trading Co Ltd China
AW6-0096609-3/4/1 03-Dec-2010 76EFW 3001558342 Singapore Airlines Limited Singapore
WQ8-9613522-2/1/1 06-Dec-2010 76EFW 1000424025 Emirates United Arab Emirates
638-0113520-1/35/1 15-Dec-2010 76EFW 3008593698 Minimum Corporation Japan
396-0159989-5/3/1 16-Dec-2010 76EFW 3007789391 Taca International Airlines El Salvador
AEK-8359008-9/1/3 30-Dec-2010 76EIG 1000279168 Dr. Frigz International (Pvt.) Ltd. Pakistan
112-9768197-9/1/1 30-Dec-2010 76EJI 3008967533 Osung Mnd Co Ltd Korea, Republic Of (South)
D03-0210187-4/3/1 08-Dec-2010 76ELW 3007294453 Treace Medical, Inc United States
D03-0210187-4/10/1 08-Dec-2010 76ELW 3002088145 DENTSPLY Professional United States
AEK-8359008-9/1/8 30-Dec-2010 76EMS 1000279168 Dr. Frigz International (Pvt.) Ltd. Pakistan
231-5372183-4/1/1 27-Dec-2010 76JES 1219313 Carwild Corporation United States
UPS-0560306-9/1/1 21-Dec-2010 76KOK 3008644306 4px Co.,Ltd Hong Kong SAR
112-9582736-7/1/1 03-Dec-2010 76NHA 3007689689 ELOS MEDTECH PINOL A/S Denmark
112-9450455-4/1/1 10-Dec-2010 76NPK 3008206677 Sybron Implant Solutions United States
D03-0210187-4/2/1 08-Dec-2010 76OIV 3008581960 Sdi (North America) Inc United States