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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for 34-Choc/Cocoa Prod

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
AWM-0016116-8/9/1/I 19-Feb-2010 34CAC07 3005059245 Torrefazione Musetti Srl Italy
AWM-0016116-8/9/1/J 19-Feb-2010 34CAC07 3005059245 Torrefazione Musetti Srl Italy
510-5755997-6/15/1 24-Feb-2010 34CGE04 3007492158 Kabushikigaisha Daito Japan
510-5755997-6/25/1 24-Feb-2010 34CGE04 3005694416 Takeuchi Seika Kabushikigaisha Japan
510-5755997-6/36/1 24-Feb-2010 34CGE04 3007614171 Kabushikigaisha Fuji Seika Japan
112-5109468-0/11/1 01-Feb-2010 34EDY99 3004302978 Soko Stark DOO Serbia
510-5755997-6/3/1 24-Feb-2010 34EGE04 3005105733 Syoei Syokuhin Hanbai Japan
510-5755997-6/24/1 24-Feb-2010 34EGE04 3005078065 Ichifuji Seika Japan
UPS-7201463-0/6/1 09-Feb-2010 34FFT02 1000288174 Ferrero Societa Per Azioni Italy
Q15-0136295-8/15/1 08-Feb-2010 34FFT03 3004677750 Cadbury Limited United Kingdom
KE3-2012236-6/12/1 16-Feb-2010 34HET99 3004296135 SHANGHAI AB FOOD & BEVERAGES LTD. China
AWM-0016116-8/8/1 19-Feb-2010 34KAB08 3005059245 Torrefazione Musetti Srl Italy