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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for 61-Human and Animal Drugs

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
AEK-8008005-0/2/1 10-Mar-2010 61DCA99 3008133476 Engac Egypt
UPS-7304528-6/1/1 11-Mar-2010 61EDZ04 3008163641 Nancy Njoroge Kenya
AEK-8173623-9/1/1 23-Mar-2010 61FAR55 3004189789 Anhui Minmetals Development I/ China
551-8088185-1/3/1 30-Mar-2010 61HAL99 3005436993 Axiom Canada
906-1001481-4/1/1 17-Mar-2010 61HAS31 1000428794 Rl Chemical India
UPS-7335096-7/1/2 12-Mar-2010 61JCY08 3002138892 Laboratorio Chile S.A. Chile
UPS-7337531-1/1/1 11-Mar-2010 61JCY14 3008163739 Ranbaxy Italy
336-6454821-4/1/1 15-Mar-2010 61KCS99 3007692005 Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma GMBH & Co Germany
WFB-0004168-0/1/1 03-Mar-2010 61LCS08 3008481313 Heilongjiang Beidahuang Fengrui Biotechnology Co Ltd China
279-1967542-4/1/1 11-Mar-2010 61LCS08 3004248487 Yantai Dongcheng Biochemicals Co., Ltd. China
W33-0774949-7/1/1 15-Mar-2010 61LDR08 3008282183 Amphastar Nanjing Pharmaceuticals Inc China
WFB-0003754-8/1/1 03-Mar-2010 61LSC08 3008481313 Heilongjiang Beidahuang Fengrui Biotechnology Co Ltd China
112-6073564-6/2/1 08-Mar-2010 61MCA06 3007645807 Piramal Healthcare Limited India
AEK-8007599-3/2/1 24-Mar-2010 61PCB99 3008113320 Diabetis And Heart Care India
AEK-8084059-4/1/1 08-Mar-2010 61TCS31 3002093078 Vasudha Pharma Chem Limited India
906-1003236-0/1/1 22-Mar-2010 61WAS47 3005241236 Jai Radhe Sales India
AEK-8009245-1/1/1 01-Mar-2010 61XAQ17 1000382068 Muscat Pharmacy Oman
H13-0098318-6/1/1 01-Mar-2010 61XAS04 3005914293 Safc Arklow Ltd. Ireland
AEK-8008005-0/1/1 10-Mar-2010 61XCA99 3008133476 Engac Egypt