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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for Pakistan

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
AEK-8001657-5/1/1 01-Apr-2010 79LRW 3005941384 Oritech International
112-9536881-8/1/1 02-Apr-2010 79GEN 1000347621 Surgicon (Pvt) Limited
112-9536881-8/1/2 02-Apr-2010 80JOK 1000347621 Surgicon (Pvt) Limited
112-9536881-8/1/3 02-Apr-2010 79GEN 1000347621 Surgicon (Pvt) Limited
UPS-6329310-2/1/1 02-Apr-2010 79HTD 1000347621 Surgicon (Pvt) Limited
UPS-6329310-2/1/2 02-Apr-2010 79LRW 1000347621 Surgicon (Pvt) Limited
KM6-0113442-2/12/1 02-Apr-2010 03PGT04 3008159826 Unilever Pakistan Foods Limited
KM6-0113442-2/18/2 02-Apr-2010 66V99 3007483815 United Trading & Manufacturing (Pvt.) Ltd.
KM6-0113442-2/19/1 02-Apr-2010 66V99 3000163492 M.Manzoor & Chopakistan Pvt Ltd.
750-0133199-2/1/1/B 05-Apr-2010 79GEN 1000109482 G A Surgical (Pvt) Ltd
750-0133199-2/1/2/A 05-Apr-2010 79GEN 1000109482 G A Surgical (Pvt) Ltd
750-0133199-2/1/19/A 05-Apr-2010 79LRW 1000109482 G A Surgical (Pvt) Ltd
KM6-0113644-3/1/3 05-Apr-2010 27YCE99 3004249920 FIDAI TRADING ENTERPRISE
U72-0516358-8/1/1 14-Apr-2010 79EPY 3008274300 Acme Enterprises
BGK-0025511-8/47/1 15-Apr-2010 53JY01 3004294606 ITN Pakistan Export Enterprises
429-0774355-5/1/3 19-Apr-2010 85HDL 3008350177 Track Of Surgical
429-0774355-5/1/5 19-Apr-2010 85HDQ 3008350177 Track Of Surgical
BDF-0013457-1/11/1 23-Apr-2010 76EMH 3002808350 Tinopal Surgical Corp. (Pvt) Ltd.
BDF-0013457-1/12/1 23-Apr-2010 76EMH 3002808350 Tinopal Surgical Corp. (Pvt) Ltd.
JE8-0122831-1/1/1 27-Apr-2010 80JOK 3006536558 Doctor & Doctor International
AEK-8126588-2/1/1 28-Apr-2010 76EMG 3008265555 Azm Brothers
AEK-8126588-2/1/2 28-Apr-2010 76EJY 3008265555 Azm Brothers
AEK-8126588-2/1/3 28-Apr-2010 80JOK 3008265555 Azm Brothers
AEK-8126588-2/1/4 28-Apr-2010 76EJB 3008265555 Azm Brothers
AEK-8126588-2/1/5 28-Apr-2010 79EPY 3008265555 Azm Brothers
AEK-8126588-2/1/6 28-Apr-2010 77KBN 3008265555 Azm Brothers
AEK-8126588-2/1/7 28-Apr-2010 79GDG 3008265555 Azm Brothers
AEK-8126588-2/1/8 28-Apr-2010 76EME 3008265555 Azm Brothers
AEK-8126588-2/1/9 28-Apr-2010 76EIF 3008265555 Azm Brothers
AEK-8126588-2/1/10 28-Apr-2010 80LDQ 3008265555 Azm Brothers