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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for Guatemala

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
DM4-0280822-2/2/2 01-Jun-2010 24FFC06 3007271718 Agrokatzman
XXX-0203974-2/1/3 02-Jun-2010 61MDA31 3005138136 Laboratorios Laprin, S.A.
ALL-0091197-4/3/1 02-Jun-2010 24FFB06 3007271718 Agrokatzman
ALL-0091160-2/4/1 03-Jun-2010 28AGB04 3004278844 Cooperativa Integral Union de 4 Pinos R.L.
WV4-0013186-1/2/1 07-Jun-2010 24AFC84 3004285246 TRANSCAFE, S.A.
AM1-0165761-8/1/1 09-Jun-2010 29BCY50 2000022602 Refrescos India Quiche
AM1-0165761-8/1/2 09-Jun-2010 29YCE99 2000022602 Refrescos India Quiche
U72-0516383-6/4/1/D 10-Jun-2010 28KFT99 3004270770 Mahler S.A.
WV4-0013225-7/2/1 14-Jun-2010 24AFC84 3004285246 TRANSCAFE, S.A.
XXX-0260186-3/1/9 15-Jun-2010 60LBY05 3005203073 Bayer S.A.
D97-0542800-8/1/1 16-Jun-2010 28AFC04 3007024269 Green World Herbs SA -C
WYQ-2022957-0/1/1/A 21-Jun-2010 05BYT99 3006689426 Chanin Exports
WYQ-2022957-0/1/1/B 21-Jun-2010 05BYT99 3006689426 Chanin Exports
WYQ-2022957-0/4/2 21-Jun-2010 03HYT02 3006803222 INDUSTRIAS KERNS Y CIA.
WYQ-2022957-0/6/1 21-Jun-2010 38CYT99 3004270770 Mahler S.A.
WYQ-2022957-0/13/1 21-Jun-2010 37JYT08 3006803222 INDUSTRIAS KERNS Y CIA.
WYQ-2022957-0/18/1 21-Jun-2010 29WHT02 3004997961 Embotelladora La Mariposa Sa
900-0059893-9/3/1 21-Jun-2010 24FFB99 3007271718 Agrokatzman
WV4-0013220-8/2/1 22-Jun-2010 24AFC84 3004285246 TRANSCAFE, S.A.
XXX-0285566-7/1/1 22-Jun-2010 56CDY70 3005355215 Laboratorios Lamfer
XXX-0285566-7/1/2 22-Jun-2010 60QDK40 3005355215 Laboratorios Lamfer
112-7179929-2/1/1 29-Jun-2010 56CDK70 3008333803 Selectpharma S.A.