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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for France

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
AZW-0049161-7/1/1 06-Jul-2010 89KNM 3004185892 Hill Rom SAS
DP4-0500567-0/1/1 07-Jul-2010 12AGO56 3010011745 LES FROMAGERIES OCCITANES
112-9321870-0/1/1 20-Jul-2010 87MIL 3003692864 Otologics Llc
112-9251823-3/1/1 22-Jul-2010 61WCB45 3000234005 Pfizer PGM
112-9229915-6/1/1 22-Jul-2010 79FWH 3006981320 E2v Semiconductors
UPS-7761404-6/1/1/A 23-Jul-2010 66PBY99 3007632497 Avene
UPS-7761404-6/1/1/B 23-Jul-2010 66PBY99 3002679824 Laboratoire Bioderma
UPS-7761404-6/1/1/C 23-Jul-2010 66PBY99 3003818446 La Roche-Posay Laboratories Pharmaceutique (L.R.P)
UPS-7761404-6/1/1/D 23-Jul-2010 66PBY99 3003818446 La Roche-Posay Laboratories Pharmaceutique (L.R.P)
UPS-7761404-6/1/1/E 23-Jul-2010 66PBY99 3003818446 La Roche-Posay Laboratories Pharmaceutique (L.R.P)
UPS-7761404-6/1/2 23-Jul-2010 66VBL99 3007632499 Elancyl
UPS-7761404-6/1/3 23-Jul-2010 66VBL99 3007632499 Elancyl
UPS-7761404-6/1/4 23-Jul-2010 66VBL99 3002679824 Laboratoire Bioderma
UPS-7761404-6/1/5 23-Jul-2010 54YCA99 3008262881 Inneov
UPS-7761404-6/1/6 23-Jul-2010 54YCL99 3007632499 Elancyl
112-9473587-6/3/1 26-Jul-2010 62GCJ17 3007908018 Laboratoires Roussel
112-9730759-0/1/1 26-Jul-2010 62CDL39 3005050395 Seratec
XXX-0173913-6/1/1/A 28-Jul-2010 66VCY99 3008395635 Plantier
XXX-0173913-6/1/1/B 28-Jul-2010 66VCY99 3008395635 Plantier
XXX-0173913-6/1/1/C 28-Jul-2010 66VCY99 3008395635 Plantier
AEK-8017225-3/1/1 28-Jul-2010 60LCC01 3008343153 Gilles
AEK-8017225-3/1/2 28-Jul-2010 62QCB99 3008343153 Gilles
112-7505580-8/1/1 29-Jul-2010 53CD06 3007495332 Vitry Sa
W98-0150429-6/1/1 30-Jul-2010 29CGF04 3008486295 NEMECO