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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for 63-Human and Animal Drugs

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
M21-0744860-9/1/1 20-Dec-2011 63BAA99 3005144955 Chemo S.A. Lugano Branch Switzerland
112-1244417-3/1/8 28-Dec-2011 63BAF25 3004081307 Cipla Limited India
112-1244417-3/1/13 28-Dec-2011 63BAF26 3004081307 Cipla Limited India
112-1244417-3/1/2 28-Dec-2011 63BAF32 3004081307 Cipla Limited India
112-4822442-5/4/1 09-Dec-2011 63BAQ01 3009216686 Beatrice Roli Cavani Italy
MA7-0689624-2/1/26 23-Dec-2011 63BAY01 3004567236 Carnival Cruise Lines Bahamas
112-1244417-3/1/4 28-Dec-2011 63BAY26 3004081307 Cipla Limited India
112-1244417-3/1/3 28-Dec-2011 63BAY99 3004081307 Cipla Limited India
112-9572923-4/1/1 27-Dec-2011 63BCQ25 3005099698 Glaxo Wellcome Production France
112-4935275-3/1/1 09-Dec-2011 63BDY01 1000556091 Bayer Mexico S.A. de C.V. Mexico
112-6248636-1/1/1 27-Dec-2011 63BIY02 3003448273 Neuland Laboratories Limited India
MA7-0689624-2/1/17 23-Dec-2011 63EAY18 3004567236 Carnival Cruise Lines Bahamas
MA7-0689624-2/1/2 23-Dec-2011 63EAY19 3004567236 Carnival Cruise Lines Bahamas
MA7-0689624-2/1/9 23-Dec-2011 63EAY30 3004567236 Carnival Cruise Lines Bahamas
112-0532612-2/2/1 06-Dec-2011 63ECB13 3008728615 Merek Sa Bogota Colombia
231-0041845-2/1/1 01-Dec-2011 63ECS26 3005256773 Albany Molecular Research Inc United States
MA7-0689624-2/1/16 23-Dec-2011 63FAY06 3004567236 Carnival Cruise Lines Bahamas
112-0012844-0/1/1 28-Dec-2011 63FDH99 3008655472 Laboratorio Nheo Quimica Com E Brazil
112-1713477-9/2/1 13-Dec-2011 63HDA12 3008857580 Biohealth Italy Srl Italy
112-1933655-4/1/1 13-Dec-2011 63NCB21 3000264888 Patheon Inc. - Toronto Region Operations Canada
UPS-3902663-4/14/1 21-Dec-2011 63RBJ03 3009162595 Dni Ltd Israel
BOZ-0016590-8/1/1 20-Dec-2011 63RBJ04 3006981196 Sviredenko Maria Russia
112-4565495-4/1/1/A 05-Dec-2011 63RBY06 3004860449 Colgate Palmolive Germany
109-0844139-6/12/2 20-Dec-2011 63RCJ04 3002088145 DENTSPLY Professional United States
112-4813658-7/4/1/G 09-Dec-2011 63VDJ02 3003705104 Shalina Laboratories Limited India
112-0410393-6/1/1 30-Dec-2011 63XCB83 3007061267 Dishman Netherlands B.V. Netherlands
UPS-3673777-7/3/1 23-Dec-2011 63XCL40 3002808342 E-Z-EM Canada, Inc Canada
112-2311536-6/1/1 12-Dec-2011 63XIZ83 3008902837 Zhengrui Pharma & Chemical Co Lt China