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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for 64-Human and Animal Drugs

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
F57-2940288-6/1/1 31-Mar-2011 64EDJ13 3003773810 Groupe Parima Inc. Canada
112-0767515-3/1/3 11-Mar-2011 64GCE99 3008753419 Clear Medicine Canada
112-0767515-3/1/2 11-Mar-2011 64GCE99 3008753419 Clear Medicine Canada
112-0767515-3/1/1 11-Mar-2011 64GCJ99 3008753419 Clear Medicine Canada
277-0128218-1/16/1/D 17-Mar-2011 64LBK20 3002573128 Seng Thai Company Limited Partnership Pharmaceutical Lab Thailand
AEK-8368435-3/2/1 03-Mar-2011 64LCA50 3008770193 Suriya Damaram India
XXX-0209105-7/1/1 30-Mar-2011 64LCY74 3005400519 Bristol Myers Squibb Ecuador Cia Ltda. Ecuador
112-0684167-3/1/1 10-Mar-2011 64LDA03 3008386906 Laboratory Schering Plough France
UPS-1143671-0/1/4/A 03-Mar-2011 64MCY01 3008538509 Logista Transp. Trans. E Pharma Portugal
AV3-0023280-6/1/1 25-Mar-2011 64MCZ04 3006512854 Qingdao Kangyuan Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. China
245-1226484-7/1/1 17-Mar-2011 64RCS99 2000034556 Chaohu Jiayi Food Co., Ltd. China
112-8931635-2/5/1 23-Mar-2011 64SCA29 3002807756 Teva Canada Limited Canada
XXX-0174987-9/1/1 07-Mar-2011 64TCS01 3008756963 Medigraph Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd India