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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for 76-Dental

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
112-0876941-9/1/1 04-Mar-2011 76DYH 3008769916 Sure Adhesive Products Limited United Kingdom
112-0698279-0/1/1 11-Mar-2011 76DYW 3008416186 Ec Certification G Austria
AEK-8658569-8/1/5 18-Mar-2011 76DZP 3008781583 Britton Impex Pakistan
BWQ-1022843-2/2/1 04-Mar-2011 76EAP 3008214059 Skanray Technologies Pvt Ltd India
AEK-8658569-8/1/3 18-Mar-2011 76EAX 3008781583 Britton Impex Pakistan
AEK-8667630-7/1/7 18-Mar-2011 76EEF 3008797416 Abro International Pakistan
AEK-8658569-8/1/9 18-Mar-2011 76EFK 3008781583 Britton Impex Pakistan
AEK-8667630-7/1/6 18-Mar-2011 76EFL 3008797416 Abro International Pakistan
J37-0006832-6/2/1 04-Mar-2011 76EFW 3004658172 Quanto Mais Import and Export Brazil
W92-0166600-0/7/1 07-Mar-2011 76EFW 3006751360 Sejin Co Ltd Korea, Republic Of (South)
112-0848021-5/1/1 09-Mar-2011 76EFW 3008763999 Bossja (China Commodity Inc China
DJ9-0374224-0/19/1 15-Mar-2011 76EFW 3008451133 Present Time Hk Hong Kong SAR
371-1233000-8/4/1 30-Mar-2011 76EFW 3008832127 Baba Jan International Pakistan
988-0192477-4/24/1 30-Mar-2011 76EFW 3005159567 Ningbo Home Solution Corp. Ltd China
112-0949053-6/1/1 01-Mar-2011 76EHD 3007065358 Dexcowin Co Ltd Korea, Republic Of (South)
112-1189861-9/1/1 08-Mar-2011 76EHD 3007065358 Dexcowin Co Ltd Korea, Republic Of (South)
FY6-2007956-3/9/1 11-Mar-2011 76EHY 3007420666 Sultan Healthcare United States
AEK-8667630-7/1/1 18-Mar-2011 76EIY 3008797416 Abro International Pakistan
AEK-8658569-8/1/8 18-Mar-2011 76EJI 3008781583 Britton Impex Pakistan
AEK-8658569-8/1/4 18-Mar-2011 76EJY 3008781583 Britton Impex Pakistan
AEK-8658569-8/1/6 18-Mar-2011 76EJY 3008781583 Britton Impex Pakistan
AEK-8667630-7/1/9 18-Mar-2011 76EKI 3008797416 Abro International Pakistan
W69-3162951-4/4/1/A 07-Mar-2011 76ELC 3007719716 Medical Devices Co., Ltd. China
W69-3162951-4/4/1/B 07-Mar-2011 76ELC 3007719716 Medical Devices Co., Ltd. China
D99-2103717-9/1/1 01-Mar-2011 76EMA 3008725090 Magister Hoeveler & Co Gmbh Austria
FY4-0069076-1/1/1 28-Mar-2011 76EMA 3006852341 Beijing Zmxy Technolgy Development China
AEK-8658569-8/1/1 18-Mar-2011 76EMG 3006506616 M/s Britton Impex Pakistan
AEK-8658569-8/1/10 18-Mar-2011 76EMI 3008781583 Britton Impex Pakistan
AEK-8658569-8/1/2 18-Mar-2011 76EMJ 3008781583 Britton Impex Pakistan
AEK-8667630-7/1/11 18-Mar-2011 76EMJ 3008797416 Abro International Pakistan
AEK-8667630-7/1/8 18-Mar-2011 76JEP 3008797416 Abro International Pakistan
ABT-0766878-5/1/1 18-Mar-2011 76JEQ 3008753517 S.H.T. Electronic Technology Co Ltd China
112-1300186-5/1/1 16-Mar-2011 76KLE 3003182475 Dentsply Dentra Gmbh Germany
DF4-0206696-6/1/1 11-Mar-2011 76LYB 3008197927 Claremont Medical France
112-1192534-7/1/1 10-Mar-2011 76NSP 3008771866 Empress Dental Lab Inc Philippines