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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for 86-Ophthalmic

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
DO7-8377426-1/1/1 09-Mar-2011 86HLF 3008732480 Paciffic Optics Electronics Co China
UPS-1377108-0/1/2 08-Mar-2011 86HNF 3003711794 Nopa Instruments Germany
AEK-8667630-7/1/3 18-Mar-2011 86HNO 3008797416 Abro International Pakistan
F87-1647500-6/1/1 17-Mar-2011 86HQG 3004536781 Danyang Nuorishi Optical Co., Ltd. China
UPS-1477040-4/1/1 17-Mar-2011 86HQG 3007235871 Zhenjiang Wanxin Optical Co., Ltd China
112-8632837-6/1/1 25-Mar-2011 86HQG 3008089143 Danyang Bosen Optical Co Ltd China
AM0-0054502-1/2/1 03-Mar-2011 86HQY 3007115903 Chopard & Cie S.A. Switzerland
336-4463697-3/1/1 03-Mar-2011 86HQY 3008252163 Linhai City Qianbaidu Glasses Factory China
UPS-1307337-0/2/1 04-Mar-2011 86HQY 3008708226 Monday Optical Co Ltd & Dongguan Ca China
112-0572029-0/2/1 11-Mar-2011 86HQY 3007179894 Createch Industrial Limited China
112-0584929-7/1/1 11-Mar-2011 86HQY 3008734721 Msk France
112-0561069-9/2/1 11-Mar-2011 86HQY 3008253629 Tipton Eyeworks Hungary
AEK-8677936-6/1/1 14-Mar-2011 86HQY 3008145500 Magpie United Kingdom
DS9-5006621-9/1/1 14-Mar-2011 86HQY 3008770430 Tsun Wei Optical Manufactory China
112-0845499-6/1/1 14-Mar-2011 86HQY 3005696545 Four Nines Japan
CCT-0978581-5/1/1 21-Mar-2011 86HQY 3008403786 Linhai Duqiao Taiming Glasses Co Ltd China
BQT-0227181-3/9/1 28-Mar-2011 86HQY 3008763775 In-Vogue Co Ltd China
AEK-8693280-9/1/1 29-Mar-2011 86HQY 3007754695 Raffaello.Com Italy
WDN-9260830-7/4/1 29-Mar-2011 86HQY 3008800473 WEISHIHAO GLASSES CO., LTD China
112-0584929-7/2/1 11-Mar-2011 86HQZ 3008734721 Msk France
112-0561069-9/1/1 11-Mar-2011 86HQZ 3008253629 Tipton Eyeworks Hungary
112-0871301-1/1/1 04-Mar-2011 86LPL 3008749419 Daysoft Limited United Kingdom
112-0588796-6/1/1 11-Mar-2011 86LPL 3008204565 Daysoft Ltd United Kingdom
112-0580560-4/1/1 11-Mar-2011 86LPL 3008204565 Daysoft Ltd United Kingdom
112-1056649-8/1/1 16-Mar-2011 86LPL 3008034930 Vassen Co. Ltd. Korea, Republic Of (South)
UPS-1501674-0/1/1 30-Mar-2011 86LPL 3008808511 Beautifeye United Kingdom
112-1056821-3/1/1 30-Mar-2011 86LPL 3008034930 Vassen Co. Ltd. Korea, Republic Of (South)
UPS-1599909-3/1/1 25-Mar-2011 86LPM 3008585940 GEO Medical Co., Ltd. Korea, Republic Of (South)
UPS-1579295-1/1/1 31-Mar-2011 86LPM 3008045675 Aspiration Intl Hong Kong SAR
435-1023120-2/1/1 23-Mar-2011 86LPN 3005461786 Aaxis Pacific Australia
112-0871509-9/1/1 04-Mar-2011 86MVN 3008697005 Prescription Logis United Kingdom
XXX-0271379-1/1/2 07-Mar-2011 86MVN 3005994941 Solotica Brazil
112-0850203-4/1/1 11-Mar-2011 86MVN 3008749419 Daysoft Limited United Kingdom
112-5763960-3/1/1 16-Mar-2011 86MVN 3005747991 Neo Vision Co., Ltd. Korea, Republic Of (South)
UPS-1398276-0/1/1 18-Mar-2011 86MVN 3008570528 Quyang Shanghai Co.,Ltd China
XXX-0271376-7/1/1 07-Mar-2011 86MZD 3005994941 Solotica Brazil
XXX-0271376-7/1/2 07-Mar-2011 86MZD 3005994941 Solotica Brazil