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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for Ivory Coast

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
AGT-0007095-4/5/1/A 01-Apr-2011 66YAO99 3003810459 Fabrique par Rodis
AGT-0007095-4/5/1/B 01-Apr-2011 66YOA99 3003810459 Fabrique par Rodis
AGT-0007095-4/7/1 01-Apr-2011 66YCO99 3003810459 Fabrique par Rodis
AGT-0007095-4/9/1 01-Apr-2011 53JY01 3003810459 Fabrique par Rodis
AGT-0007055-8/4/1 06-Apr-2011 53BC99 3003786275 Siparco
AGT-0007055-8/6/1/A 06-Apr-2011 53JY01 3003786275 Siparco
AGT-0007055-8/8/1 06-Apr-2011 53LD06 3003786275 Siparco
AGT-0007055-8/8/2 06-Apr-2011 53LC06 3003786275 Siparco
AGT-0007055-8/8/3 06-Apr-2011 53JY01 3003786275 Siparco
AGT-0007055-8/9/1/A 06-Apr-2011 63VBY02 3003786275 Siparco
AGT-0007055-8/9/1/B 06-Apr-2011 63VBY02 3003786275 Siparco
AGT-0007055-8/10/1/A 06-Apr-2011 63VBJ02 3003786275 Siparco
AGT-0007055-8/10/1/B 06-Apr-2011 63VBJ02 3003786275 Siparco