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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for 62-Human and Animal Drugs

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
112-1715800-0/1/1 19-Apr-2011 62CAR41 3007432948 Wuxi Choriway Int'L Trade Co Ltd China
EKL-1000298-6/1/1 29-Apr-2011 62FIY99 3008839149 Jiangsu Guotai China
XXX-0269840-6/1/2 04-Apr-2011 62GCA41 3005895078 Laboratorios Quimica Son's, S.A. de C.V. Mexico
XXX-0268872-0/1/3 21-Apr-2011 62GCA50 3007897100 Syntex Mexico
XXX-0268245-9/1/3 01-Apr-2011 62GCJ16 3006994524 Bayer De Venezuela Venezuela
XXX-0268817-5/1/2 26-Apr-2011 62GCK18 3006127003 Caplin Point Laboratories India
XXX-0234252-6/1/6 25-Apr-2011 62GCY18 2000015772 Farmacaps, S.A. Guatemala
XXX-0268676-5/1/2 13-Apr-2011 62GCY50 3005035920 Caplin Point Laboratories Ltd India
XXX-0268970-2/1/4 13-Apr-2011 62GCY94 3007629653 Panzyma Laboratories S.A. Nicaragua
XXX-0268926-4/1/1 11-Apr-2011 62GDY18 3006347951 Merck Sa De Cv Mexico
XXX-0269435-5/1/4 13-Apr-2011 62GDY18 3005086176 Qualipharma Guatemala
XXX-0267990-1/1/3 21-Apr-2011 62GDY18 3004641553 Merck, S.A. de C.V. Mexico
W92-0169509-0/1/2 25-Apr-2011 62HBF99 3004330002 Insung Natural Co., Ltd. Korea, Republic Of (South)
XXX-0175172-7/1/2 28-Apr-2011 62JCY12 3008053993 Sun Pharma Sikkim India
UPS-1763322-9/1/12 20-Apr-2011 62JCY13 3008844469 Beldi Inc Canada
267-5218425-4/1/1 20-Apr-2011 62LOS40 3004683246 Wuhan Yuancheng Technology Development Co., Ltd. China
XXX-0270737-1/1/3 11-Apr-2011 62MBY01 3002744909 Procter & Gamble Manufactura S. de R.L. de C.V. Mexico
XXX-0270737-1/1/4 11-Apr-2011 62MBY01 3007566202 Laboratorio Trinidad Guatemala
XXX-0268926-4/1/5 11-Apr-2011 62MBY08 3006551280 GlaxoSmithKline Costa Rica SA Costa Rica
BTF-0040239-2/1/1 20-Apr-2011 62MDY01 3008822177 Yepham Co Ltd Korea, Republic Of (South)
AEK-8370665-1/1/1 15-Apr-2011 62OCA05 3008815865 Mine Ekren Turkey
AEK-8370665-1/1/2 15-Apr-2011 62OCA41 3008815865 Mine Ekren Turkey
BJE-0117438-3/1/1 20-Apr-2011 62OCP24 1925262 Hospira Inc United States
BJE-0117438-3/1/2 20-Apr-2011 62OCP24 1925262 Hospira Inc United States
UPS-1763322-9/1/4 20-Apr-2011 62OCY05 3008844469 Beldi Inc Canada
UPS-1763322-9/1/8 20-Apr-2011 62OCY18 3008844469 Beldi Inc Canada
XXX-0175172-7/1/1 28-Apr-2011 62OCY18 3004373180 Unichem Laboratories Ltd India
UPS-1444571-8/1/1 01-Apr-2011 62OCY41 3002706446 International Logistics Freight United Kingdom
AEK-8707609-3/1/1 18-Apr-2011 62QCA07 3004027485 Aah Pharmaceuticals Ltd United Kingdom
300-3991543-2/27/1 13-Apr-2011 62S99 3004348364 P. J. Exports India
AEK-8370665-1/2/1 15-Apr-2011 62TCA02 3008815865 Mine Ekren Turkey
D52-0943530-9/1/1 01-Apr-2011 62UBL99 3001321832 Luen Fook Medicine Sdn. Bhd. Malaysia
231-3757032-4/1/1 22-Apr-2011 62WAJ99 1033800 Procter & Gamble Manufacturing Co United States
231-3757032-4/1/2 22-Apr-2011 62WAJ99 1033800 Procter & Gamble Manufacturing Co United States
231-3757032-4/1/4 22-Apr-2011 62WAJ99 1033800 Procter & Gamble Manufacturing Co United States
231-3757032-4/1/3 22-Apr-2011 62WAJ99 1033800 Procter & Gamble Manufacturing Co United States