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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for Colombia

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
ATK-4020221-1/2/1 09-May-2011 03JGT01 3004341437 Colombina SA
ATK-4020221-1/2/2 09-May-2011 03JGT06 3004341437 Colombina SA
ATK-4020221-1/2/4 09-May-2011 03JGT02 3004341437 Colombina SA
W16-5023677-3/3/1 13-May-2011 87JEB 3008286918 Miriam Gomez Castano
XXX-0269692-1/1/2 16-May-2011 60QCY67 3006142212 Ropsohn Therapeutics Ltda
XXX-0174907-7/1/20 18-May-2011 66VDY99 3003574280 Unknown Manufacturer
AEK-8608981-6/1/1 24-May-2011 75LZX 3008889578 American Medical System Estetic
BFV-0198501-9/12/1 24-May-2011 03RGT01 3004682223 PRODUCTOS RAMO S.A.
EWL-8803383-1/10/1 25-May-2011 20FHD01 3004263518 C.I. AGROFRUT S.A.
EWL-8803383-1/12/1 25-May-2011 20FGD01 3004263518 C.I. AGROFRUT S.A.
BFV-0414754-2/10/1 26-May-2011 03NGF01 3004556367 Productos Ramos S.A.
BFV-0414754-2/11/1 26-May-2011 03NGF01 3004556367 Productos Ramos S.A.
BFV-0414754-2/19/1 26-May-2011 03NGF01 3004556367 Productos Ramos S.A.
406-0461902-9/6/1 27-May-2011 21XAB14 3004309276 PulpaFruit Ltda
EWL-8803383-1/1/1 31-May-2011 20FGD14 3004263518 C.I. AGROFRUT S.A.