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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for Ghana

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
AGT-0007226-5/4/1/A 04-May-2011 29BGT50 3003180953 Accra Brewery Limited
AGT-0007226-5/4/1/B 04-May-2011 29BGT50 3006043743 Guinness Ghana Breweries LTD
AGT-0007226-5/4/1/C 04-May-2011 29BGT50 3005207690 The Coca-cola Bottling Company of Ghana Limited
AGT-0007226-5/6/1/A 04-May-2011 64ABJ20 3004552790 Rebecca Amoah
AGT-0007213-3/1/1 06-May-2011 29BCT60 3005207690 The Coca-cola Bottling Company of Ghana Limited
AGT-0007213-3/8/1/A 09-May-2011 53LC06 3006091515 Angel Herbal Products Industry
AGT-0007213-3/8/1/B 09-May-2011 53LC06 3005049004 Insaaniyya Herbal Drug Center
AGT-0007213-3/11/1 09-May-2011 28AFT61 3002592299 Food Processors International (Ghana) Limited
AGT-0007114-3/5/1 09-May-2011 28EFT03 3008290691 Mc Lyrit Enterprise
AGT-0007114-3/3/1 09-May-2011 28BFH54 3008290691 Mc Lyrit Enterprise
AGT-0007114-3/1/1 09-May-2011 25JFH16 3008290691 Mc Lyrit Enterprise
AGT-0007114-3/2/1 09-May-2011 05YFH99 3008290691 Mc Lyrit Enterprise
AGT-0007226-5/7/1 16-May-2011 28EFT03 3004552790 Rebecca Amoah
AGT-0007226-5/8/1 16-May-2011 28EFT03 3004552790 Rebecca Amoah
AGT-0007335-4/1/1 16-May-2011 25JFH16 3007666987 Princebrim Enterprise
AGT-0007335-4/3/1 16-May-2011 29BGT60 3007666987 Princebrim Enterprise
AGT-0007350-3/1/1 16-May-2011 16IFY21 3008615417 Joyce Boating
AGT-0007350-3/2/1 16-May-2011 16YFY99 3008615417 Joyce Boating
AGT-0007350-3/3/1 16-May-2011 25JFH16 3008615417 Joyce Boating
UPS-2097323-2/1/1 24-May-2011 65KCY09 3008895701 Sam Addy
AGT-0007226-5/9/1 31-May-2011 24AFH07 3004552790 Rebecca Amoah