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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for Philippines

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
253-1043892-1/2/1 03-May-2011 16YCI13 9504 Marigold Commodities Corp (plant)
253-1043892-1/12/1 03-May-2011 21TGH14 3004258752 HDR Foods Corporation
253-1043892-1/13/1 03-May-2011 37JCI99 3004258752 HDR Foods Corporation
253-1043892-1/14/1 03-May-2011 27YCI01 3004258752 HDR Foods Corporation
BDD-0747841-1/2/2/A 03-May-2011 27YCT07 3008301949 Hg - Premier Trading
BDD-0747841-1/2/2/B 03-May-2011 27YCT07 3008301949 Hg - Premier Trading
BDD-0776822-5/1/1 03-May-2011 16AGD53 3005321420 Fisher Farms, Inc
BDD-0776822-5/1/3 03-May-2011 16AGD53 3005321420 Fisher Farms, Inc
W69-3180423-2/4/1 06-May-2011 16IVP53 3005321420 Fisher Farms, Inc
W69-3180423-2/5/1 06-May-2011 16AVT53 3005321420 Fisher Farms, Inc
880-0081911-5/2/7 10-May-2011 28JGT99 3006809353 Marigold Manufacturing Corporation
BDD-0747799-1/5/4 16-May-2011 07BGT99 3004270694 REGENT FOODS CORPORATION
EJ2-0100043-0/2/1 17-May-2011 16JCY05 3010544043 PIXCEL TRANSGLOBAL FOODS INC
BDD-0832359-0/4/1 18-May-2011 02DGD10 3002809009 Mofel'S Food International
BDD-0747798-3/3/1/B 19-May-2011 16YCT09 3001628782 ARKO FOODS PHILS, INC.
224-4173374-2/4/1 19-May-2011 16AGH21 3008783833 Sea Land Harvest Inc
224-4173374-2/16/1 19-May-2011 21SGT14 3004814871 SEA-LAND HARVEST, INC.
EJ2-0100041-4/7/1 20-May-2011 33SGT99 3005262266 Aiza's Sweets
W69-3185123-3/2/1 20-May-2011 16AGT12 3004320365 Universal Canning, Inc.
BDD-0782070-3/4/6 24-May-2011 66VDY99 3005301230 Unilever - RFM Ice Cream
555-0399257-4/2/5 24-May-2011 16MGD09 3004689289 Crustacean Trading Corporation
FC7-0111796-0/5/1 27-May-2011 23BGH05 3008375504 Gema Coco Foods Corporation