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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for Guatemala

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
DM4-0311320-0/1/1 03-Jun-2011 22AFC01 3005543898 La Futura S.A.
XXX-0270079-8/1/2 03-Jun-2011 66VDY99 3004581852 Laboratorio Farmacaps para Drodijosa
406-0461665-2/1/1 07-Jun-2011 23KFB02 3005516668 Procesos Fabriles S A
DM4-0311666-6/1/1 09-Jun-2011 24AFC82 3004270745 Empaques Agricolas
XXX-0266930-8/1/3 14-Jun-2011 60SAY13 3008708667 Laboratorio Therfam S.A.O
XXX-0266930-8/1/4 14-Jun-2011 60LBY01 3005355215 Laboratorios Lamfer
XXX-0266930-8/1/5 14-Jun-2011 66VBY99 3008834442 Bayer Sa
XXX-0266930-8/1/6 14-Jun-2011 66VBY99 3008834442 Bayer Sa
JK8-0118689-6/10/1/A 28-Jun-2011 33UFT02 3010130519 Hispanic Foods S.A.
XXX-0265807-9/1/1 29-Jun-2011 66VDY99 3005019811 Laboratorio Donovan Werke A.G.S.A. International
XXX-0265807-9/1/2 29-Jun-2011 62GDY18 3004581852 Laboratorio Farmacaps para Drodijosa
XXX-0174022-5/1/1 30-Jun-2011 60LAY01 1000467881 Laboratorios Lamfer, S.A.
XXX-0174022-5/1/4 30-Jun-2011 62MAY08 3007566202 Laboratorio Trinidad
XXX-0174022-5/1/5 30-Jun-2011 63HDY24 3007730186 lABORATORIOS SANTE, S.A.
XXX-0174022-5/1/9 30-Jun-2011 62GDY18 1000467881 Laboratorios Lamfer, S.A.
XXX-0174022-5/1/10 30-Jun-2011 65RDY18 1000536663 Bayer De Guatemala S.A.
XXX-0174022-5/1/11 30-Jun-2011 66VDY99 3004108097 Mediproducts Laboratorios
XXX-0174022-5/1/12 30-Jun-2011 60LAY01 1000536663 Bayer De Guatemala S.A.
XXX-0174022-5/1/14 30-Jun-2011 61XDY18 3003975165 Bayer S.A.
XXX-0174022-5/1/16 30-Jun-2011 60LDY05 1000536663 Bayer De Guatemala S.A.
XXX-0174022-5/1/19 30-Jun-2011 60QDY56 3005463909 Laboratorios Unidos
XXX-0174022-5/1/20 30-Jun-2011 60LDY05 3001027464 UNKNOWN
XXX-0174022-5/1/21 30-Jun-2011 60LAY01 3003339540 Unipharm S.A
XXX-0174022-5/1/22 30-Jun-2011 55QY67 3004740219 Laboratorios Therfam
XXX-0174022-5/1/23 30-Jun-2011 60WDY16 3004740219 Laboratorios Therfam
XXX-0174022-5/1/24 30-Jun-2011 64XY06 3005463909 Laboratorios Unidos
XXX-0174022-5/1/26 30-Jun-2011 66VDY99 3004740219 Laboratorios Therfam
XXX-0174022-5/1/28 30-Jun-2011 61WDY04 3007730186 lABORATORIOS SANTE, S.A.
XXX-0174022-5/1/31 30-Jun-2011 61TDY06 3003332931 Laboratorios Bonin
XXX-0174022-5/1/33 30-Jun-2011 56KDY10 3004697926 ALFER
XXX-0174022-5/1/34 30-Jun-2011 65RDY06 3003720570 Piersan S.A.
XXX-0174022-5/1/35 30-Jun-2011 66VDY99 3007730308 LABORATORIAS SIERRA SOC
XXX-0174022-5/1/36 30-Jun-2011 66VDY99 3008037893 Laboratoria Caliquimica