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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for Spain

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
AWM-0017616-6/5/1/B 01-Jul-2011 66VDY99 3006403750 Lamarvi S.A.U.
F23-9044660-7/1/8 06-Jul-2011 54KBZ03 3008504559 Biosearch S.A.
FL2-0035630-9/1/1 06-Jul-2011 25PEE99 3008598816 Champivil S.L.
FL2-0035630-9/2/1 06-Jul-2011 25PCE99 3008598816 Champivil S.L.
AGT-0007401-4/3/1 07-Jul-2011 53LC99 3003268487 Henkel Iberica Sa
DP4-0555374-5/5/16 07-Jul-2011 12AGP52 3004257880 COOPERATIVA INSULAR GANADERA DE MENORCA
BNW-0127424-1/1/1 12-Jul-2011 83JTO 3008990684 Operon S.A.
F23-9043463-7/11/1 12-Jul-2011 24AEE99 3004304905 CONSERVAS AGROMAR S.A
F23-9043463-7/12/1 12-Jul-2011 16MCE03 3004304905 CONSERVAS AGROMAR S.A
F23-9043463-7/14/1 12-Jul-2011 16AEE07 3004304905 CONSERVAS AGROMAR S.A
201-1553666-5/1/1 19-Jul-2011 53LD10 3003227114 Laboratorios Cosmeticos Leim,S.A.
112-0898814-2/1/1 20-Jul-2011 66BAY44 3008769424 Cigar Clean Espana Sl
XXX-0266513-2/1/2 22-Jul-2011 66VDH99 3008334587 Ferrer Internacional S.A.
DP4-0554844-8/33/1 27-Jul-2011 12AGP52 3004257880 COOPERATIVA INSULAR GANADERA DE MENORCA