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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for 79-General & Plastic Surgery

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
AEK-8802925-7/1/1 21-Jul-2011 79FSM 3008913433 Gmq Corporation Pakistan
112-8969310-6/1/1/J 25-Jul-2011 79GAO 3003705856 Richmond Dental Co United States
DO7-8248572-9/1/1 22-Jul-2011 79GBS 3008264458 F Care Systems Nv Belgium
XXX-0184016-5/1/2 13-Jul-2011 79GCB 1710034 Becton Dickinson Medical Systems United States
AEK-8800988-7/1/4 28-Jul-2011 79GDG 3374 Hilbro (PVT) Ltd. Pakistan
112-6396277-5/1/1 27-Jul-2011 79GEX 1000120578 Cynosure, Inc. United States
ARV-2464379-8/1/1 25-Jul-2011 79GFE 3008756272 GUANGZHOU RUIMEI TECHNOLOGY CO. LTD. China
ARV-2464379-8/2/1 25-Jul-2011 79GFE 3008756272 GUANGZHOU RUIMEI TECHNOLOGY CO. LTD. China
AEK-8379445-9/1/4 28-Jul-2011 79HTC 3008942248 N.D. Surgical Industries Pakistan
916-2183506-4/3/1 02-Jul-2011 79HTD 1000600382 Aemco Z.E. (PVT) Ltd. Pakistan
W04-0061554-2/1/1 09-Jul-2011 79HTD 3007389672 FRANKO SHEHZAD SURGICO LTD. Pakistan
AEK-8800988-7/1/2 28-Jul-2011 79HTD 3374 Hilbro (PVT) Ltd. Pakistan
AEK-8800988-7/1/1 28-Jul-2011 79HTD 3374 Hilbro (PVT) Ltd. Pakistan
MH9-0092579-2/2/1 08-Jul-2011 79JEA 3008960494 Huangshan Jinfu Medical Equipment Co Ltd China
112-3013337-8/1/1 14-Jul-2011 79KCW 3001446810 Dectro International, Inc. Canada
WG1-0173315-1/14/1 06-Jul-2011 79KDD 3000321209 Ultra Surgical (Pvt.) Ltd. Pakistan
AEK-8379445-9/1/11 28-Jul-2011 79LRW 3008942248 N.D. Surgical Industries Pakistan
XXX-0175658-5/2/1 20-Jul-2011 79MDD 3002534261 Citadel Pacific Enterprises Co., Ltd. Taiwan
112-8969310-6/1/1/F 25-Jul-2011 79MDM 3001478867 Ransom & Randolph Co United States
UPS-3069897-4/2/1 07-Jul-2011 79MUU 3008963730 China Beauty Equipment Ltd China
K51-0071541-3/1/1 06-Jul-2011 79MWY 3008866066 Eurofeedback High Voltage Electronic France
AEK-8796767-1/1/1 26-Jul-2011 79NRJ 3009005875 Wolf Tsee 1980 Beauty Holdings Co Limited China
UPS-2099163-0/1/1 22-Jul-2011 79NTB 3008532326 Thomas Express S.A. -Ups Colombia
112-2705924-8/1/1 26-Jul-2011 79NUV 3005450614 Beijing Toplaser Technology Co., Ltd. China
XXX-0175558-7/3/1 08-Jul-2011 79OAP 3008774767 CBC-China Ltd. China