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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for 89-Physical Medicine

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
112-2568045-8/1/1 11-Jul-2011 89ILY 3007801830 ABATON IND Korea, Republic Of (South)
597-0164640-4/22/1/D 12-Jul-2011 89IMD 3005219041 Tomofuji Shoji Co., Ltd Japan
597-0164640-4/22/1/C 12-Jul-2011 89IMD 3005219041 Tomofuji Shoji Co., Ltd Japan
WIB-1238457-7/1/1 21-Jul-2011 89IMD 3008960458 Kanger Science & Trade Co., Ltd. China
AEK-8775162-0/1/1 08-Jul-2011 89IME 3008966758 Migracap United Kingdom
D77-0524914-3/9/1 01-Jul-2011 89IQI 5975 Sovereign Enterprise Co., Ltd. Taiwan
AZ3-0062355-0/1/1 09-Jul-2011 89IRP 3006797972 Wonjin Mulsan Co., Ltd. Korea, Republic Of (South)
EB5-1507483-0/1/1 05-Jul-2011 89ISA 3008967515 Rave Tv Inc Limited Hong Kong SAR
D99-5301079-7/1/1 14-Jul-2011 89ITI 3008733743 Observer Electronics Technology Co Ltd China
AEK-8462719-5/1/1 21-Jul-2011 89LBF 3007831336 Shenzhen Yfhex Logistics Co Ltd China
BGZ-0015904-0/1/1 29-Jul-2011 89LYG 3008970138 Winsprng Indutrial Limited China
UPS-3069897-4/1/1 07-Jul-2011 89NZF 3008963730 China Beauty Equipment Ltd China