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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for 95-Light Emitting Non-Device Products

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
AEK-8466859-5/1/1 21-Jul-2011 95RDW 3009005629 Shenzhen Becen Optoelectronics China
AEK-8464903-3/1/1 21-Jul-2011 95RDW 3008644894 Hk Glm Beauty Spa Equipment China
112-2524129-3/1/1 11-Jul-2011 95RDY 3008800743 Koto Electric Co Ltd Japan
M94-0052312-9/1/1 19-Jul-2011 95REJ 3008836729 Wenzhou Ready Imp&Exp Trade Co Ltd China
112-2731041-9/2/1 25-Jul-2011 95REJ 3004504967 Wenzhou Tianxin Industry & Trade Co., Ltd China
XXX-0175478-8/1/1 13-Jul-2011 95RES 3008906921 MINGHUA TOYS FACTORY China
112-9341188-4/1/1 14-Jul-2011 95RES 3008768506 Shenzhen Zhangyang Tech. Co., LTD China
XXX-0175531-4/1/1/A 15-Jul-2011 95RES 3008915483 Kin-Hing Toys China
XXX-0175531-4/1/1/B 15-Jul-2011 95RES 3008915483 Kin-Hing Toys China
DSV-8004544-3/2/1 21-Jul-2011 95RES 3008894680 Wenzhou New Star Inc China
112-2552045-6/1/1 28-Jul-2011 95RES 3006480842 Shenzhen Libao Xingye Electronics Co. Ltd. China
DO7-8382156-7/2/1 14-Jul-2011 95RGW 3008951487 Numit Ind. Supply Co., Ltd China
WU6-3013874-7/1/1 26-Jul-2011 95RHK 3006625128 Wuhan Golden Laser Equipments China