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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for Colombia

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
UPS-2896064-5/1/1 01-Aug-2011 61GCA84 3009014872 Olga Lucia Lemos
UPS-2896064-5/2/1 01-Aug-2011 56ICA76 3009014872 Olga Lucia Lemos
UPS-2896064-5/3/1 01-Aug-2011 62OCA41 3009014872 Olga Lucia Lemos
UPS-2826272-9/1/1 04-Aug-2011 76EJL 3009012688 Ortho Professional Dental
UPS-2973568-1/1/1 10-Aug-2011 65PCA02 3009034459 Orlando Alzate
DP4-0556046-8/2/1 11-Aug-2011 23BGT07 3004028015 Manitoba Ltda.
DP4-0556046-8/2/5 11-Aug-2011 23BGT07 3004028015 Manitoba Ltda.
DP4-0556046-8/2/11 11-Aug-2011 23BGT07 3004028015 Manitoba Ltda.
UPS-3056358-5/1/1 15-Aug-2011 65JCY31 3009040937 Marcela Botero
UPS-3114077-1/2/1 15-Aug-2011 62GCE18 3009041016 Claudia Garcia Velez
112-5366059-5/1/1 19-Aug-2011 64GDB07 3004399994 Laboratorio Franco Colombiano Lafrancol S.A.
900-0064219-0/1/1 22-Aug-2011 20AGT01 3004263518 C.I. AGROFRUT S.A.
900-0064219-0/2/10 22-Aug-2011 21AGT99 3004263518 C.I. AGROFRUT S.A.
112-3421486-9/1/1 23-Aug-2011 66VCE99 3009056090 Mercedes Paez Guerrero
XXX-0175985-2/1/1 23-Aug-2011 54ADY99 3009054865 MercedesPaez
WGB-1105103-1/1/1 23-Aug-2011 54YBR99 3008920007 Laboratorios Vidastevia S.A.
WGB-1105103-1/1/2 23-Aug-2011 54YBR99 3008920007 Laboratorios Vidastevia S.A.
BFV-0418725-8/5/1 24-Aug-2011 07BGT06 2000011303 industrial de alimentos indal ltda
BFV-0418725-8/7/1 24-Aug-2011 03AGT03 3006143948 Productos De Alimentos Suprema LTDA.
BFV-0418725-8/9/1 24-Aug-2011 03MGT99 2000030476 Nacional de Chocolates
BFV-0418725-8/19/1 24-Aug-2011 34FHN07 3006250491 Comercializadora International R.L Y Cia Ltda
UPS-3223485-4/2/2 26-Aug-2011 66VDK99 3009061454 Maria Adriana Vicuna Sanchez