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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for 60-Human and Animal Drugs

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
554-5073546-3/1/1 31-Aug-2011 60CAS53 3002807400 BASF PharmaChemikalien Gmbh & Co. KG Germany
112-1106845-2/1/1 23-Aug-2011 60HCS99 3008133037 Molekula Limited United Kingdom
FY6-2008067-8/5/1 24-Aug-2011 60LBA01 3004135577 Novartis United States
UPS-2883484-0/3/1/A 05-Aug-2011 60LBJ99 3000247622 Golden Moor Canada
UPS-2883432-9/3/1 05-Aug-2011 60LBJ99 3000247622 Golden Moor Canada
112-2716344-6/1/1 31-Aug-2011 60LBL05 3008785571 Nyxon United Kingdom
FY6-2008067-8/16/1 24-Aug-2011 60LBR01 3004135577 Novartis United States
FY6-2008067-8/19/1 24-Aug-2011 60LBZ01 3004135577 Novartis United States
112-1381865-6/4/1 24-Aug-2011 60LCA05 3002806462 Bayer Pharma AG Germany
112-2215872-2/1/4 24-Aug-2011 60LCB01 3005440006 Biomep Sa De Sv Mexico
112-2215872-2/1/1 24-Aug-2011 60LCB69 3008914186 Gc Aplicaciones Farmaceuticas Mexico
UPS-3191424-1/1/2 24-Aug-2011 60LCY17 3006776843 Pakmail San Luis Potosi Mexico
H77-0127560-1/8/3 16-Aug-2011 60LDY99 3006744199 Makson Industries Pvt. Ltd. India
FY6-2008067-8/14/1 24-Aug-2011 60QAJ34 3004135577 Novartis United States
112-2864832-0/1/1 19-Aug-2011 60QAO67 1811212 Ferndale Laboratories, Inc. United States
112-2864832-0/1/2 19-Aug-2011 60QAO67 1811212 Ferndale Laboratories, Inc. United States
112-1737036-5/8/2 24-Aug-2011 60QCJ67 3008860675 Zeyco Mexico
112-3269823-8/1/1 18-Aug-2011 60QCL84 3009041993 CROSS HEALTHCARE LTD United Kingdom
UPS-3201559-2/1/1 22-Aug-2011 60QCP40 3003593414 NEON LABORATORIES LIMITED India
112-2816256-1/1/1 25-Aug-2011 60QCS45 3004749750 Jinan Chenghui-Shuangda Chem Company, Ltd. China
112-1737036-5/8/1 24-Aug-2011 60QDL67 3008860675 Zeyco Mexico
112-6337455-9/1/1 05-Aug-2011 60RDE19 3008235100 Toltecas 29 Col Mexico
BGK-0025597-7/26/1 30-Aug-2011 60SAR99 3004294606 ITN Pakistan Export Enterprises Pakistan
FY6-2008067-8/9/1 24-Aug-2011 60SBL04 3004135577 Novartis United States
FY6-2008067-8/11/1 24-Aug-2011 60SBL04 3004135577 Novartis United States
FY6-2008067-8/10/1 24-Aug-2011 60SBL14 3004135577 Novartis United States
UPS-3082188-4/1/2 19-Aug-2011 60SCY23 3005512880 Sanofi Aventis Spa Italy
M21-0744271-9/1/1 19-Aug-2011 60WCA16 3005241236 Jai Radhe Sales India