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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for 64-Human and Animal Drugs

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
DZ1-3151012-2/1/1 30-Sep-2011 64ABY99 3007250895 Davemed Healthcare China
112-8193773-4/1/1 09-Sep-2011 64BAA24 3007697790 Bristol Labs United Kingdom
112-7230468-8/1/2 07-Sep-2011 64BCP48 3005029956 Torrent Pharmaceuticals Limited India
112-3063088-6/1/2 26-Sep-2011 64BRL24 3009014024 Laboratorios Invesbio Srl Argentina
AEK-8382354-8/3/3 22-Sep-2011 64ECA99 3008036717 Paracelsus Klinik Switzerland
AEK-8382354-8/3/2 22-Sep-2011 64ECA99 3008036717 Paracelsus Klinik Switzerland
112-8724025-7/1/1 29-Sep-2011 64GCL99 3002806979 Ferring GmbH Germany
112-8716876-3/1/1 30-Sep-2011 64GCY99 3008504639 Organon Italia Spa Italy
XXX-0262678-7/1/1 27-Sep-2011 64GDY13 3002808086 Bayer Pharma AG Germany
UPS-3721161-8/1/1 29-Sep-2011 64LAA37 3009132051 Claudia Hueck Arztin F. Allgemeinme Germany
M21-0744493-9/1/1 16-Sep-2011 64LAJ08 3006259540 Anuh Pharma Ltd India
315-8159008-5/9/1 09-Sep-2011 64LCO20 1000442183 Alcon Laboratories (U.K.) Ltd United Kingdom
315-8159008-5/4/1 09-Sep-2011 64LCQ02 3008218422 Chiesi Ltd United Kingdom
UPS-3422405-1/1/3 14-Sep-2011 64LCY06 2250102 West-Ward Pharmaceutical Corp. United States
112-8346498-4/6/1 29-Sep-2011 64LDJ67 3007065282 Dhanluzmi Trading Company United Arab Emirates
UPS-3332793-9/1/1 07-Sep-2011 64RCY21 3009076315 Doug Assaly Canada
112-8507205-8/1/1 29-Sep-2011 64TCA01 3002906944 Apotex Inc. Canada