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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for 89-Physical Medicine

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
UPS-3534072-4/1/1 08-Sep-2011 89EGJ 3009099969 Zhengda Science & Technology China
UPS-3323975-3/1/1 08-Sep-2011 89ILX 3009078366 Beijing Goldenlaser Development Co. China
UPS-3631203-7/1/1 30-Sep-2011 89ILX 3008725621 A&A Worldwide Hong Kong Ltd Hong Kong SAR
112-3826460-5/1/1 27-Sep-2011 89ILY 3007483749 Josen International Ltd. China
ACN-1104919-2/1/1 14-Sep-2011 89IME 3005257643 YKIC Korea, Republic Of (South)
W69-3197637-8/36/1 20-Sep-2011 89IME 3008455432 Tung Ling Industrial Co Ltd Taiwan
BOY-0002335-5/2/1 16-Sep-2011 89IMG 3009050625 Wem Equipamentos Electronicos Lt Brazil
BOY-0002335-5/2/3 16-Sep-2011 89IMG 3009050625 Wem Equipamentos Electronicos Lt Brazil
XXX-0175435-8/1/1 23-Sep-2011 89IPF 3007530027 Re Chan Industry Co Ltd China
XXX-0175435-8/1/2 23-Sep-2011 89IPF 3007530027 Re Chan Industry Co Ltd China
XXX-0175435-8/1/3 23-Sep-2011 89IPF 3007530027 Re Chan Industry Co Ltd China
112-3866065-3/1/1 27-Sep-2011 89IPF 3003588228 Ion Genius, Inc. United States
BIP-0017560-6/1/1 23-Sep-2011 89IPR 3003772414 Top Longmax Products Co Ltd Taiwan
112-8412106-2/1/1 29-Sep-2011 89IQK 3007089362 Struture Medical Inc United States
AEK-8480708-6/2/1 01-Sep-2011 89ISA 3007041126 C/O Yfhex Logistics(Hk)Co Ltd Hong Kong SAR
112-8082378-6/1/1 09-Sep-2011 89ISA 3008434618 Tohkai Precision Electrical Manufactory Shenzhen Ltd. China
112-9139935-4/13/1 09-Sep-2011 89ISA 3008553388 Dongguan Huating Technology Co China
112-3027768-8/1/1 16-Sep-2011 89ISA 3005783523 Weizhong Corp China
112-2926826-8/1/1 13-Sep-2011 89ISL 3008997119 Imeco Implantes Ortopedicos Argentina
CEA-0053118-1/1/1 15-Sep-2011 89ITI 3003319497 Nanjing Weifeng Mecanical Industry Co Ltd China
9EY-0000373-3/2/1 13-Sep-2011 89ITQ 3008990106 Yiwu Xiaoxiao Gactory Co Ltd China
112-3403002-6/1/1 09-Sep-2011 89LYG 3003345473 Shenzhen Zhicong Industry Development Co., Ltd. China
277-0129943-3/17/1 28-Sep-2011 89MLX 3008797126 3m Thailand Co.,Ltd. Thailand
XXX-0176117-1/3/1 15-Sep-2011 89MVT 3006480549 Capital Industries Hk Ltd. Hong Kong SAR
AEK-8479515-8/1/1 27-Sep-2011 89NXU 3008750668 Beijing Oriental Vison Company China
XXX-0262738-9/1/1 29-Sep-2011 89OJL 3006505136 Eli Lilly & Company United States
112-9007508-8/1/1 09-Sep-2011 89ONH 3006946384 SHANGHAI XINHUA EGM CO., LTD. China