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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for 95-Light Emitting Non-Device Products

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
112-5234268-3/12/1 04-Jan-2012 95RDW 3003725617 Forward Electronics Co Ltd Taiwan
UPS-3982291-7/1/1 05-Jan-2012 95RDW 3008569929 Wicked Lasers Hong Kong SAR
112-6950150-2/2/1 07-Jan-2012 95RDW 3005178967 Montan Luftfracht Germany
112-5261513-8/1/1 11-Jan-2012 95RDW 3009264977 Shenzhen Yuxin Precision Industry Co. Ltd China
DZ1-3156092-9/1/1 17-Jan-2012 95RDW 3009230009 Bob Technology Co Ltd China
UPS-5019767-8/1/1 19-Jan-2012 95RDW 3009326524 Shenzhen Kangson Electronic Co Ltd China
112-5486514-5/3/1 24-Jan-2012 95RDW 3006684251 Shineway Technolog China
112-5486514-5/3/2 24-Jan-2012 95RDW 3006684251 Shineway Technolog China
U35-1994397-1/2/1 13-Jan-2012 95RDY 3009245410 Gulf Advanced Lightingv Company Limited United Arab Emirates
101-9655437-1/20/1 20-Jan-2012 95RDY 3002913678 Shanghai Dongsheng Electric Co. Ltd. China
112-5028514-0/17/1 13-Jan-2012 95RES 3004504967 Wenzhou Tianxin Industry & Trade Co., Ltd China
112-5751396-5/1/1 31-Jan-2012 95RES 3003276562 Light Vision Technologies Corp. Taiwan
112-5325725-2/1/1 31-Jan-2012 95RES 3009275971 Junhaicheng Technology Co Ltd China
E10-0207424-6/4/1 04-Jan-2012 95RFD 3008021449 Cubic Defense New Zealand, Ltd New Zealand
NU5-1161635-8/1/1 23-Jan-2012 95RFE 3009191039 Wuhan Hasary Equipment Co., Ltd China
112-7170482-1/1/1 12-Jan-2012 95RFZ 3003498769 Versatile Mobile Sys United States
112-5569357-9/1/1 06-Jan-2012 95RGB 3004577076 Shanghai Jue Hua Laser Tech. Development Co., Ltd. China
AVB-0873179-2/3/1 03-Jan-2012 95RGO 3009152971 Guangzhou Chuangqi Medical Equipmen China
322-0631657-6/1/1 25-Jan-2012 95RHZ 3008884708 Brightsource Operation Israel Israel
WGB-1112052-1/1/1 17-Jan-2012 95RZN 3006065312 Jinan G. Weike Science & Technology China