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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for Guatemala

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
F23-9073946-4/3/1 01-Oct-2012 25JFC01 3008376592 MAYAN SOUTH
XXX-0204495-7/1/1 05-Oct-2012 64LDY03 3003916517 Unipharma International, SA
XXX-0191878-9/1/1 05-Oct-2012 60LDY99 3005541483 Laboratorios Piersan S. A.
XXX-0244603-8/1/1 09-Oct-2012 64LDY06 3005541483 Laboratorios Piersan S. A.
XXX-0244603-8/1/3 09-Oct-2012 64LCY50 3004161285 Laboratorios Farkot, S.A.
HH7-0304382-3/3/1 10-Oct-2012 25JGC01 3009667988 Luz Del Campo Verde
XXX-0262480-8/1/1 15-Oct-2012 61XBY99 3009168631 Laprin Laboratories
XXX-0262480-8/1/4 15-Oct-2012 66VDY99 3005353047 Unipharm Guatemala C.A.
XXX-0262480-8/1/8 15-Oct-2012 66VDY99 3007748197 Richam Internacional Sa
XXX-0262480-8/1/10 15-Oct-2012 60LAY05 3008029840 Bayer S.A.
XXX-0262480-8/1/12 15-Oct-2012 54AYY99 3005541483 Laboratorios Piersan S. A.
XXX-0262480-8/1/15 15-Oct-2012 66VDY99 3008270707 Unipharm S.A.
XXX-0262480-8/1/18 15-Oct-2012 66VDY99 3008270707 Unipharm S.A.
XXX-0262480-8/1/19 15-Oct-2012 66VBY99 3005529211 Donovan Werke A.G.S.A. International
XXX-0262480-8/1/20 15-Oct-2012 66VAY99 3008500249 Industrias Bioquimicas Sa
XXX-0262480-8/1/21 15-Oct-2012 66VAY99 3009031228 Laboratorios Unidos S.A.
T94-0058011-2/3/1 16-Oct-2012 23AGB07 3009076958 Importacion Y Exportacion Heb Shalom
T94-0058011-2/12/1 16-Oct-2012 66VDY99 3009076958 Importacion Y Exportacion Heb Shalom
XXX-0239923-7/1/2 22-Oct-2012 66VDK99 3005385701 Unipharm (International) S.A.
XXX-0239923-7/1/3 22-Oct-2012 66VDK99 3005355215 Laboratorios Lamfer
XXX-0239923-7/1/4 22-Oct-2012 66VCH99 3005178255 Pharmalat
XXX-0239923-7/1/5 22-Oct-2012 66VCH99 3005178255 Pharmalat
XXX-0239923-7/1/6 22-Oct-2012 66VDH99 3007180550 Pheniel
XXX-0239923-7/1/7 22-Oct-2012 66VDH99 3005636605 Lamfer
XXX-0239923-7/1/8 22-Oct-2012 66VBJ99 3008500249 Industrias Bioquimicas Sa
XXX-0239923-7/1/13 22-Oct-2012 66VDK99 3005353047 Unipharm Guatemala C.A.
XXX-0239923-7/1/14 22-Oct-2012 66VBL99 3006669835 Donovan Werke