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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for Hong Kong SAR

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
UPS-6711824-3/2/1 02-Apr-2012 80LKB 3004939558 Planet (Hong Kong) International Co., Ltd.
D52-0948322-6/1/2 03-Apr-2012 16AFH16 3010219812 Yuen Tai Hong Seafood Company., Ltd
BMW-0032776-1/4/1 03-Apr-2012 80KGX 3004031006 Waton Foundation
BMW-0032776-1/4/2 03-Apr-2012 80KGX 3004031006 Waton Foundation
NV3-0048868-5/11/1 10-Apr-2012 95RES 3008676610 Amr Wireless Ltd.
AEK-0264348-0/1/1 11-Apr-2012 89NYZ 3009459967 Vicky Logistics Ltd
417-0279877-2/11/2 13-Apr-2012 20QGH05 3009862834 YUEN TAT TRADING COMPANY
KM6-0056113-8/1/1 16-Apr-2012 22HGT02 3007220146 Hong Fung Trading Co.
KM6-0056113-8/14/1 16-Apr-2012 21TGH03 3008606630 TUNG SHING SEA-PRODUCTS LTD
KM6-0056113-8/3/1 16-Apr-2012 16AFH01 3008709975 Lee Fung Marine Products Trading Co
KM6-0056113-8/11/1 16-Apr-2012 16AGH12 3008606630 TUNG SHING SEA-PRODUCTS LTD
GL5-0267317-8/1/1 17-Apr-2012 95RES 3003730073 Channel Sino Enterprises Ltd
U79-0081944-3/1/1 20-Apr-2012 16AGT82 3002904113 YICK FUNG MARINE PRODUCTS CO
AEK-0271472-9/6/1 24-Apr-2012 84NHI 3009497516 4px Co
UPS-2918194-1/1/1 24-Apr-2012 86NJH 3006071007 Yanta Eyewear
112-6319511-2/1/1 30-Apr-2012 64GCZ99 3009403158 Sunbow Biotech Ltd
AEK-0174569-0/1/1 30-Apr-2012 76EFB 3009508635 Ulive International Limited