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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for Russia

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
BQL-0028884-3/2/1 01-May-2012 20KFT06 3004098268 Wimm Bill Dann
BQL-0028814-0/8/1 01-May-2012 20KFT06 2000000723 LEBEDYANSKY
BOZ-0017574-1/1/1 04-May-2012 66VDY99 3006981196 Sviredenko Maria
BOZ-0017574-1/2/1 04-May-2012 66VDY99 3006981196 Sviredenko Maria
739-7020514-9/22/1 09-May-2012 25ECE99 3007562978 OOO RUSEXPORT
739-7020514-9/22/3 09-May-2012 25ECE99 3007562978 OOO RUSEXPORT
739-7020514-9/22/4 09-May-2012 24FCE01 3007562978 OOO RUSEXPORT
739-7020514-9/22/2 09-May-2012 25ECE99 3007562978 OOO RUSEXPORT
739-7020514-9/22/5 09-May-2012 24FCE01 3007562978 OOO RUSEXPORT
739-7020514-9/22/6 09-May-2012 24FCE01 3007562978 OOO RUSEXPORT
739-7020514-9/22/7 09-May-2012 24FCE99 3007562978 OOO RUSEXPORT
739-7020514-9/22/8 09-May-2012 24FCE99 3007562978 OOO RUSEXPORT
739-7020514-9/23/1 09-May-2012 24FCE07 3007562978 OOO RUSEXPORT
KU5-0115830-7/9/2 15-May-2012 54FEA99 3007487936 OAO "NMGK"
KU5-0115830-7/9/6 15-May-2012 54KEA03 3007487936 OAO "NMGK"
KU5-0115830-7/10/1 15-May-2012 31KFT99 3007487936 OAO "NMGK"
KU5-0115830-7/9/1 15-May-2012 54FEA99 3007487936 OAO "NMGK"
KU5-0115830-7/9/3 15-May-2012 54ECY16 3007487936 OAO "NMGK"
KU5-0115830-7/9/4 15-May-2012 54FEA99 3007487936 OAO "NMGK"
KU5-0115830-7/9/5 15-May-2012 54FEA99 3007487936 OAO "NMGK"
KU5-0115830-7/9/7 15-May-2012 54FEA99 3007487936 OAO "NMGK"
KU5-0115830-7/9/8 15-May-2012 54FEA99 3007487936 OAO "NMGK"
KU5-0115830-7/9/9 15-May-2012 54FEA99 3007487936 OAO "NMGK"
KU5-0115830-7/10/2 15-May-2012 31KFT99 3007487936 OAO "NMGK"
KU5-0115830-7/2/1 15-May-2012 53BY01 3007487936 OAO "NMGK"
KU5-0115830-7/2/2 15-May-2012 53JY01 3007487936 OAO "NMGK"
KU5-0115830-7/2/3 15-May-2012 53BD99 3007487936 OAO "NMGK"
KU5-0115830-7/3/1 15-May-2012 53BY01 3007487936 OAO "NMGK"
KU5-0115830-7/4/7 15-May-2012 53LC03 3007487936 OAO "NMGK"
KU5-0115830-7/4/18 15-May-2012 53LC03 3007487936 OAO "NMGK"
KU5-0115830-7/4/23 15-May-2012 53LC03 3007487936 OAO "NMGK"
KU5-0115830-7/4/24 15-May-2012 53LC03 3007487936 OAO "NMGK"
KU5-0115830-7/4/9 15-May-2012 53LC03 3007487936 OAO "NMGK"
KU5-0115830-7/7/1 15-May-2012 53ED99 3007487936 OAO "NMGK"
KU5-0115830-7/7/2 15-May-2012 53ED99 3007487936 OAO "NMGK"
KU5-0115830-7/7/3 15-May-2012 53ED99 3007487936 OAO "NMGK"
KU5-0115830-7/7/8 15-May-2012 53FD02 3007487936 OAO "NMGK"
KU5-0115830-7/1/1 15-May-2012 54ADA13 3007487936 OAO "NMGK"
KU5-0115830-7/4/5 15-May-2012 53LC03 3007487936 OAO "NMGK"
KU5-0115830-7/4/6 15-May-2012 53LC03 3007487936 OAO "NMGK"
KU5-0115830-7/4/10 15-May-2012 53LC03 3007487936 OAO "NMGK"
KU5-0115830-7/4/14 15-May-2012 53LC03 3007487936 OAO "NMGK"
KU5-0115830-7/4/25 15-May-2012 53LC03 3007487936 OAO "NMGK"
KU5-0115830-7/7/4 15-May-2012 53ED99 3007487936 OAO "NMGK"
KU5-0115830-7/7/9 15-May-2012 53EC01 3007487936 OAO "NMGK"
KU5-0115830-7/11/1 15-May-2012 53IG01 3007487936 OAO "NMGK"
KU5-0115830-7/11/3 15-May-2012 53IG01 3007487936 OAO "NMGK"
KU5-0115830-7/13/1 15-May-2012 53ID02 3007487936 OAO "NMGK"
KU5-0115830-7/14/2 15-May-2012 53ED06 3007487936 OAO "NMGK"
KL9-0025147-3/1/1 17-May-2012 80NZJ 3005791274 Firma Dinamika Llc. Co.
K09-0057127-2/1/1 19-May-2012 85NRC 3009453249 Aires Technologies