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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for 76-Dental

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
T94-0057269-7/1/1 08-May-2012 76DZA 3009002688 Ionyx France
EJE-3909428-7/1/1 01-May-2012 76DZE 3004706056 Trinon Titanium Gm Germany
AEK-0275275-2/1/1 30-May-2012 76DZI 3008253316 Shanghai Bojin Ele China
112-9266200-8/1/1 29-May-2012 76EEG 3008293162 By Dental Srl Italy
112-9266200-8/1/2 29-May-2012 76EEG 3008293162 By Dental Srl Italy
XXX-0177803-5/1/1/A 07-May-2012 76EFW 3002699397 UNKNOWN Sweden
KX2-0000038-1/7/1 09-May-2012 76EFW 3009473742 Kems Intl Pakistan
J50-0130073-8/13/1 11-May-2012 76EFW 3009476198 Solanik Nigeria Ltd Nigeria
JG6-7705938-2/77/1 14-May-2012 76EFW 3009147253 Gb Kent & Sons United Kingdom
JG6-7705938-2/69/1 14-May-2012 76EFW 3009147253 Gb Kent & Sons United Kingdom
112-8986148-0/1/1 31-May-2012 76EFW 3008535115 Yangzhou Tiika Tra China
XXX-0284569-2/1/1 11-May-2012 76EIX 1039382 Florida Probe Corporation United States
AEK-0119339-6/1/1 11-May-2012 76EJL 3009437878 Teng Yuan Daimond Tool Factory China
112-7305131-3/1/1 07-May-2012 76ELC 3008543696 Zhengzhou Yuanda Elec. Co. Ltd. China
XXX-0284436-4/1/1 09-May-2012 76ELC 1036336 Engler Engineering Corp. United States
112-7152117-6/1/1 07-May-2012 76ELW 3009004639 Qv1 Dental Cosmetics Australia
UPS-5540627-2/1/1 09-May-2012 76EMR 1815757 Kerr Corporation United States
112-6599881-0/6/1 02-May-2012 76JEQ 3009436801 Idea & Technology Korea, Republic Of (South)
XXX-0177803-5/1/2/A 07-May-2012 76JEQ 1000244108 Unknown China
XXX-0177803-5/1/4/A 07-May-2012 76JEQ 1000244108 Unknown China
XXX-0177803-5/1/3/A 07-May-2012 76JES 3001228880 Unknown Italy
118-1085970-9/12/1 31-May-2012 76KKO 3003651838 Laboratorios Avant S.A. De C.V. Mexico
UPS-5690994-4/1/1 14-May-2012 76KLE 3009439729 Shiva Products India
UPS-6321523-6/1/1 11-May-2012 76MEF 3009536112 Hazelaid Canada
UPS-6324817-9/1/1 25-May-2012 76MEF 3009536112 Hazelaid Canada
BON-1003407-2/1/1 02-May-2012 76NRU 3009466460 Prety Medical Technology Co, Ltd China