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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for 64-Human and Animal Drugs

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
XXX-0242818-4/1/9 27-Aug-2012 64BCY25 3008087129 Genfar Colombia
112-8578146-9/1/4 14-Aug-2012 64BDA48 3005020880 Serdia Pharmaceuticals (India) India
UPS-7139341-3/1/1 13-Aug-2012 64GDY29 3004534358 Laboratorios Diba, S.A. Mexico
XXX-0242924-0/1/13 29-Aug-2012 64GDY29 3007645347 Famy Care Ltd India
M21-0745837-6/1/1 21-Aug-2012 64HDA99 3005144955 Chemo S.A. Lugano Branch Switzerland
M21-0745776-6/4/1 13-Aug-2012 64LAA20 3008367099 Shanghai Trifecta Pharma Ltd. China
XXX-0243010-7/1/3 29-Aug-2012 64LCY04 3005794246 Laboratorios Chalver De Colombia S.A Colombia
XXX-0242793-9/1/3 27-Aug-2012 64LDY19 3005609479 Laboratorios Wellco Guatemala
XXX-0242924-0/1/6 29-Aug-2012 64LDY19 3006347951 Merck Sa De Cv Mexico
112-8643088-4/1/1 10-Aug-2012 64NAA06 3003335559 Pierre Fabre Sante France
112-8258640-8/1/1 15-Aug-2012 64RCK21 3009615400 Pro Medical Net Mexico
AEK-0308831-3/2/1 10-Aug-2012 64TDC99 3009645958 Jakuv Jankowski United Kingdom
UPS-5555659-4/1/1 20-Aug-2012 64VAS01 3003677897 sanofi-aventis, spa Italy
112-8752436-2/2/1/A 09-Aug-2012 64XBJ06 3005742067 Al Harmoodi Computer Systems United Arab Emirates