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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for France

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
AMS-0002498-3/68/1 05-Sep-2012 53LC10 3000243864 Clarins
AMS-0002498-3/78/1 05-Sep-2012 53LC10 3000243864 Clarins
AMS-0002498-3/140/1 05-Sep-2012 53LC10 3000243864 Clarins
AMS-0002498-3/141/1 05-Sep-2012 53LC10 3000243864 Clarins
AMS-0002498-3/142/1 05-Sep-2012 53LD10 3000243864 Clarins
AMS-0002498-3/139/1 05-Sep-2012 53LC10 3000243864 Clarins
AMS-0002508-9/39/1 05-Sep-2012 53LC10 3000243864 Clarins
AMS-0002508-9/84/1 05-Sep-2012 53LC10 3000243864 Clarins
AMS-0002508-9/100/1 05-Sep-2012 53LC10 3000243864 Clarins
AMS-0002351-4/48/1 07-Sep-2012 66VDY99 3000243864 Clarins
AMS-0002351-4/49/1 07-Sep-2012 66VDY99 3000243864 Clarins
AMS-0002351-4/50/1 07-Sep-2012 66VDY99 3000243864 Clarins
AMS-0002351-4/51/1 07-Sep-2012 66VDY99 3000243864 Clarins
DP4-0596256-5/17/1 11-Sep-2012 12AGO56 13564 Fromagerie Guilloteau
N29-0168558-7/6/2 11-Sep-2012 12AGP56 3003248681 Societe Fromagere De Domfront
AMS-0002592-3/15/1 20-Sep-2012 53LC10 3000243864 Clarins
AMS-0002592-3/37/1 20-Sep-2012 53LC10 3000243864 Clarins
AMS-0002557-6/32/1 20-Sep-2012 53LC10 3000243864 Clarins
AMS-0002557-6/33/1 20-Sep-2012 53LD10 3000243864 Clarins
AEK-0309963-3/1/1 21-Sep-2012 66VAA99 3008575899 Sanofi Aventis France
AEK-0309963-3/2/1/A 21-Sep-2012 66VBJ99 3009440403 Laboratorie Leo
AEK-0309963-3/2/1/B 21-Sep-2012 66VBJ99 3009712104 Laboratoires Bailleul-Biorga
315-8161210-3/161/1 21-Sep-2012 89ISA 3003686094 SERP Societe D'Etudes Et De Recherc
BLS-0009413-6/1/1 22-Sep-2012 24KGT01 3003774310 Frial S.A.
UPS-7329066-6/1/1/A 23-Sep-2012 53LD06 3002609688 Pierre Fabre Cosmetique
UPS-7329066-6/1/1/B 23-Sep-2012 53LD06 3003818446 La Roche-Posay Laboratories Pharmaceutique (L.R.P)
UPS-7329066-6/2/1 23-Sep-2012 62WBY99 3009673277 Materiel Medical And Co
UPS-7329066-6/3/1 23-Sep-2012 53BD99 3006500051 Vichy Cai /Caf
N29-0168199-0/1/1 25-Sep-2012 12AGP56 3004338270 Fromagerie Germain
N29-0168199-0/1/2 25-Sep-2012 12AGP56 2000036875 les fromagers de chevillon
N29-0168199-0/1/3 25-Sep-2012 12AGP56 3004275786 FROMAGERIE BADOZ
N29-0168199-0/1/4 25-Sep-2012 12AGP56 2000008881 Maison A. Fischer
N29-0168199-0/1/5 25-Sep-2012 12AGP56 3004677945 COOPERATIVE MONTS DE JOUX
N29-0168199-0/1/6 25-Sep-2012 12CGP15 3006746491 Poitou Chevre
N29-0168199-0/1/7 25-Sep-2012 12CGP15 3004288632 Fromagerie PICANDINE
N29-0168199-0/2/1 25-Sep-2012 12CFP16 13564 Fromagerie Guilloteau
ALA-0047122-9/3/6 26-Sep-2012 66P99 3003809189 Sa Guinot
DP4-0596263-1/11/1 27-Sep-2012 12CGO12 3005053910 Les Fromagers de Tradition