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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for France

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
799-0508151-3/1/1 02-Oct-2013 34BHT99 3002790553 PCB Creation
XXX-0182146-2/1/1 02-Oct-2013 66VCY99 3010352046 Mafoma Ayangma
AEK-0811513-7/1/1 02-Oct-2013 55RP99 3007852961 Seppic
UPS-2070395-7/1/1 02-Oct-2013 95RDW 3008546569 Dr Fischer Europe Sas
799-0607792-4/1/1 04-Oct-2013 76LPG 3005997884 Septodont
DP4-0639460-2/13/2 08-Oct-2013 12AGP19 3004254217 Cooperative Isigny Sainte-Mere
XXX-0295605-1/1/2 08-Oct-2013 62SDJ02 3006135641 Laboratoires Galderma
799-0665551-3/1/1 16-Oct-2013 75JHT 3008835305 Polyintell
EDX-0010663-3/1/1 17-Oct-2013 87HWC 3010361284 Biotech Groupe Upperside
EDX-0010663-3/2/1 17-Oct-2013 87MOO 3010361284 Biotech Groupe Upperside
NL7-0107551-6/15/1 17-Oct-2013 66VDY99 3010364304 Chamylinex
NL7-0107551-6/17/1 17-Oct-2013 66VDY99 3010364304 Chamylinex
NL7-0107551-6/21/1 17-Oct-2013 53JA02 3010364308 Interlots
NL7-0107551-6/22/1 17-Oct-2013 66VDY99 3010364308 Interlots
NL7-0107551-6/23/1 17-Oct-2013 66VDY99 3010364308 Interlots
UPS-2530974-3/1/1 22-Oct-2013 79GEY 3002642065 MEDICAMAT S.A.
KC1-6016440-8/9/22 22-Oct-2013 66PDL99 3009801620 Caudalie Sas
KC1-6016440-8/9/23 22-Oct-2013 66PDL99 3009801620 Caudalie Sas
DP4-0712174-9/3/15 22-Oct-2013 12CGO12 3007079378 Bignau Ferme Du
UPS-2512572-7/1/1 23-Oct-2013 65QAA22 3010418163 Juvise Pharmaceuticals
UPS-2512572-7/1/2 23-Oct-2013 66VCA99 3010418163 Juvise Pharmaceuticals
UPS-2774731-2/3/16 29-Oct-2013 53LC10 3000243864 Clarins
UPS-2774731-2/3/45 29-Oct-2013 53LD99 3002561751 Sisley
UPS-2774731-2/3/46 29-Oct-2013 53LD99 3002561751 Sisley
UPS-2774731-2/3/44 29-Oct-2013 53LD99 3002561751 Sisley
799-0577988-4/1/1 29-Oct-2013 77LRC 3002808465 Vygon
EB5-1518833-3/3/1 30-Oct-2013 53KI01 3005033845 Osma Labortories
UPS-2844868-8/1/7 31-Oct-2013 53LC10 3000243864 Clarins