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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for Philippines

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
WIG-8036246-8/17/1 03-Dec-2013 07BDT02 3004270694 REGENT FOODS CORPORATION
WCJ-0288661-9/8/1 03-Dec-2013 16JGT01 3004268847 TBN FOOD PRODUCTS
UPS-2283014-7/1/1 04-Dec-2013 86HQZ 3008784907 Lindberg Ag A4-Branch
UPS-2283014-7/2/1 04-Dec-2013 86HQY 3008784907 Lindberg Ag A4-Branch
BDD-0670521-0/9/2 10-Dec-2013 53DI99 3003725684 Unilever Philippines, Inc.
224-4229318-3/1/1 10-Dec-2013 16AEE45 3004471634 Alliance Tuna Intl
224-4229319-1/1/1 10-Dec-2013 16AEE45 3004471634 Alliance Tuna Intl
224-4229320-9/1/1 10-Dec-2013 16AEE45 3004471634 Alliance Tuna Intl
BDD-0680465-8/13/4 12-Dec-2013 27YGT06 3009949901 HDR FOODS CORPORATION
W69-3312885-3/12/1 16-Dec-2013 16IGP59 3010122486 CARM FOODS ENTERPRISE
W69-3312885-3/16/1 16-Dec-2013 16AGT99 2000019682 HLS Aqua Products
BDD-0680539-0/8/4 19-Dec-2013 07BGT02 3004270694 REGENT FOODS CORPORATION
9QY-8001017-2/21/1 23-Dec-2013 12BCT05 3008962222 Cbl Master Trading
9QY-8001017-2/25/1 23-Dec-2013 03HGY08 3010137268 Chocovron Global Corporation
EBH-0073731-5/34/1 30-Dec-2013 21AYI01 3004280262 PHILPACK