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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for 76-Dental

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
112-1769514-2/1/1 21-Feb-2013 76EAP 3008892788 Zhengzhou Tianjie Electronic China
112-0721031-7/1/1 04-Feb-2013 76EFB 3003114027 MK-Dent GmbH Germany
112-1263891-6/1/1 15-Feb-2013 76EFB 3009973903 Ou Yi Industrial S China
E94-1139139-0/10/1 07-Feb-2013 76EFW 3009298223 Jyh Shann Environmental Technology Co Ltd Taiwan
112-1149739-7/1/1 15-Feb-2013 76EFW 3009035131 Shanghai D-One Store Creation China
WYQ-2028416-1/14/1 15-Feb-2013 76EFW 3009972069 Lanxi Euro America Imp & Exp Trading Co Ltd China
D11-0131797-6/1/1 20-Feb-2013 76EFW 3009403577 Yan Cheng City An Da Home Fashion & Fabric Co Ltd. China
N77-0178449-8/5/1 21-Feb-2013 76EFW 3004418783 Intradevco Industrial Sa Peru
N77-0178449-8/5/2 21-Feb-2013 76EFW 3004418783 Intradevco Industrial Sa Peru
N77-0178449-8/5/3 21-Feb-2013 76EFW 3004418783 Intradevco Industrial Sa Peru
GU6-9965618-2/51/1 26-Feb-2013 76EFW 3009956099 Bathbazaar Sa France
147-0129859-9/2/1 26-Feb-2013 76EFW 3004005152 Ducor Export Import Liberia
UPS-9246903-6/1/1 15-Feb-2013 76EJJ 3005541473 Kerr Corporation United States
UPS-9246903-6/2/1 15-Feb-2013 76EJK 1815757 Kerr Corporation United States
UPS-9246903-6/1/2 15-Feb-2013 76EJL 1000325432 Vermont Diamond Instruments United States
112-0877387-5/1/1 01-Feb-2013 76JEQ 3009771771 Pandawill.Com China
GU6-9965618-2/30/1 26-Feb-2013 76JEQ 3009956099 Bathbazaar Sa France
112-0989235-1/1/1 04-Feb-2013 76JEX 3009936130 Suarna Bakit Corpo Pakistan
BGX-1102269-2/1/1 01-Feb-2013 76MMD 3009468662 Lande S.A. Spain
112-1873319-9/1/1 21-Feb-2013 76MQC 3008874291 Sleeppro United Kingdom
112-1623523-0/1/1 19-Feb-2013 76NHA 3006529071 Universitat Zurich Switzerland