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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for United States

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
112-1604415-2/1/1 01-Mar-2013 90IZL 1418960 Minxray Inc
MK8-0669009-7/1/1 01-Mar-2013 16AGD31 3013296 Ocean Beauty Seafoods LLC
UPS-8205164-6/1/2 04-Mar-2013 60LOY71 1911196 Lloyd Inc. of Iowa
224-3255437-0/1/1 04-Mar-2013 54GBH04 3006575070 Solgar Vitamin & Herb
224-3255437-0/1/2 04-Mar-2013 54GBH04 3006575070 Solgar Vitamin & Herb
224-3255437-0/1/4 04-Mar-2013 54YBR06 3006575070 Solgar Vitamin & Herb
224-3255437-0/1/5 04-Mar-2013 54GCA99 3006575070 Solgar Vitamin & Herb
AEK-0296350-8/1/1 04-Mar-2013 74DXN 1036863 Suntech Medical, Inc.
AM1-0182498-6/1/1 04-Mar-2013 74MKJ 1218058 Bio-Detek, Inc.
AM1-0182498-6/1/2 04-Mar-2013 74MKJ 1218058 Bio-Detek, Inc.
BNW-0128142-8/4/1/B 04-Mar-2013 66VDY99 1000113698 Parbel Of Florida, Inc.
BNW-0128142-8/4/1/C 04-Mar-2013 66VDY99 1000113698 Parbel Of Florida, Inc.
BNW-0128142-8/4/1/D 04-Mar-2013 66VDY99 1000113698 Parbel Of Florida, Inc.
AEK-0296351-6/1/1 05-Mar-2013 90IZO 3001748817 Spellman High Voltage
551-0546481-8/1/1 07-Mar-2013 63RBJ04 1250013 Ecometics, Inc.
UPS-9767999-3/1/1 07-Mar-2013 79GAW 2210968 Ethicon, Inc.
UPS-0040667-0/1/1 08-Mar-2013 54FCH99 3010060736 Sanmedica International
XXX-0240051-4/1/1 08-Mar-2013 55RY15 3004172696 C.L.R. Medicals International, Inc.
112-1265535-7/1/1 08-Mar-2013 66BCA19 3005114469 Janssen Cilag Lab
112-1646032-5/1/1 11-Mar-2013 64MDK12 1000119907 Ferring Pharmaceuticals Inc
112-1800615-9/1/1 12-Mar-2013 90ITX 2020563 Toshiba American Medical Systems Inc
112-1423818-6/2/1 14-Mar-2013 86LPL 1000222023 Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc.
551-2363872-4/2/1 14-Mar-2013 33EGT12 3009588540 Chocolate Inn dba NC Chocolate Manufacturing LLC
XXX-0231569-6/1/1 14-Mar-2013 75JKA 3004858808 B D
BXM-0008672-7/1/1 14-Mar-2013 53LC10 3009969245 Mediderm Laboratories Llc
551-2363873-2/1/1 20-Mar-2013 30AHT03 1000538506 Green Mountain Coffee Roasters
UPS-0067316-2/1/1 26-Mar-2013 62GBL99 3005482889 Mbi Distributing Inc
WR1-0177388-0/11/1 28-Mar-2013 53CH03 1000113698 Parbel Of Florida, Inc.
EG6-2792355-0/1/1 28-Mar-2013 82DER 3007918317 Grifols Therapeutics, Inc.
EG6-2031894-9/2/1 29-Mar-2013 20AFH99 3008249917 Health Matters America Inc.
EG6-2809631-5/6/1 29-Mar-2013 20AFH99 3009877818 Health Matters America Inc
MWT-0075742-7/1/1 29-Mar-2013 34HGT99 3009594140 PELACO (USA) INC
112-1643303-3/1/1 29-Mar-2013 90OIJ 1937223 Civco Medical Instruments Inc