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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for 56-Antibiotics (Human/Animal)

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
112-1841632-5/1/1 22-Mar-2013 56BBR11 3010050473 J&H Chemical Co China
KH5-0081414-1/22/1/S 07-Mar-2013 56BCE03 3007154976 SICHUAN SANCHINE SUNNYHOPE PHARMACEUTICAL CO LTD China
KH5-0081414-1/27/1/F 07-Mar-2013 56BCE03 1000244108 Unknown China
XXX-0240803-8/1/3 21-Mar-2013 56BCY03 3005325017 La Sante Colombia
XXX-0240803-8/1/1 21-Mar-2013 56BCY05 3004707008 Labs Lasante Colombia
KH5-0081414-1/22/1/K 07-Mar-2013 56CCE74 3005155429 Shanghai Mei You Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. China
M21-0747682-4/1/1 28-Mar-2013 56CCK60 3005144955 Chemo S.A. Lugano Branch Switzerland
UPS-9668547-0/1/1 21-Mar-2013 56CCK70 3010030994 Daniel Corona Merino Mexico
M21-0747682-4/1/2 28-Mar-2013 56CCK70 3005144955 Chemo S.A. Lugano Branch Switzerland
KH5-0081414-1/27/1/[ 07-Mar-2013 56DCZ20 1000244108 Unknown China
KH5-0081414-1/23/1/L 07-Mar-2013 56ECJ80 3009517624 Guangdong Hengjian Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd. China
XXX-0240803-8/1/2 21-Mar-2013 56ECY81 3005076800 Corporacion Bonima, S.A. El Salvador
KH5-0081414-1/26/1/J 07-Mar-2013 56EDO11 3008399937 Shenzhen Guanyujia Imports & Exports China
KH5-0081414-1/27/1/Y 07-Mar-2013 56ICA99 1000244108 Unknown China
KH5-0081414-1/23/1/M 07-Mar-2013 56ICO10 1000244108 Unknown China
KH5-0081414-1/26/1/A 07-Mar-2013 56ICO10 3009517624 Guangdong Hengjian Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd. China
XXX-0180253-2/1/1/B 21-Mar-2013 56ICS76 3004341367 Ningxia Qiyuan Pharmaceutical Co Ltd China
KH5-0081414-1/27/1/V 07-Mar-2013 56IDA25 3004120392 Lijunsha China