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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for Colombia

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
XXX-0248147-2/1/2 09-May-2013 60RCY18 3005641517 Biogen
XXX-0248147-2/1/3 09-May-2013 60NDY16 3004399994 Laboratorio Franco Colombiano Lafrancol S.A.
M21-0747909-1/1/1 13-May-2013 62VCA18 3006497359 Research Pharmaceutical
XXX-0248155-5/1/1 13-May-2013 64LDY06 3007277367 Pharmayect
112-8455726-5/4/1/A 16-May-2013 53CD02 3003840061 Bel Star S.A.
112-8455726-5/4/1/B 16-May-2013 53CD02 3003840061 Bel Star S.A.
M21-0748000-8/1/1 23-May-2013 62ODS20 3006497359 Research Pharmaceutical
BFV-0445111-8/1/1 24-May-2013 12YGP99 3010144630 Bufalabella S.A.S.
BFV-0444947-6/4/1 27-May-2013 07BGT02 3008435970 Pepsico Alimentos Colombia Ltda.
BFV-0444947-6/26/1 27-May-2013 33BGN07 3009030391 Productos Alimenticios Yodi'S Ltda
BFV-0444354-5/1/1 27-May-2013 12YGP99 3010144630 Bufalabella S.A.S.
112-2445835-2/1/1 27-May-2013 76OAT 3010121349 Zimplant
KG2-0529496-3/1/1 27-May-2013 66VDP99 3008336699 Armesso S A
KG2-0529496-3/6/1 27-May-2013 66VBP99 3008336699 Armesso S A
BFV-0444132-5/1/1 29-May-2013 12YGP99 3010144630 Bufalabella S.A.S.
M21-0748072-7/2/1 30-May-2013 61XAA18 3006497359 Research Pharmaceutical
M21-0748072-7/3/1 30-May-2013 66VDY99 3006497359 Research Pharmaceutical