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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for 23-Nuts/Edible Seed

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
SQ4-0099453-0/1/1 22-May-2013 23AGT11 3009866112 ARO Pistachios, Inc. United States
KE1-4153899-8/1/1 17-May-2013 23BGB08 3008543670 RGS Mexico
KM6-0125873-4/5/1 29-May-2013 23BGT05 3004790078 INNOVATIVE FOODS LIMITED India
390-6210056-3/1/1 10-May-2013 23DEE05 3004309692 Envasados Comestibles, S.A. (ENCOSA) Dominican Republic
M85-0062726-9/1/1 15-May-2013 23KFT09 3009238449 Vilsaint Pierre Sonia Haiti
MK8-0665264-2/1/1 08-May-2013 23MGH99 3008985169 North Of 49 Naturals Inc. Canada
337-1501849-6/1/1 21-May-2013 23MGT01 3009872387 PROSESAMO S.A. Guatemala
516-2047546-0/1/1 29-May-2013 23MGT01 3004254063 Al Kanater S.A.L. Lebanon
516-2047546-0/2/1 29-May-2013 23MGT01 3004254063 Al Kanater S.A.L. Lebanon
516-2047546-0/3/1 29-May-2013 23MGT01 3004254063 Al Kanater S.A.L. Lebanon
UPS-4018890-0/37/1 16-May-2013 23MHT01 3009167105 Sesameco Seeds Processing Canada
E37-0050843-4/1/1 13-May-2013 23RYH18 3010111229 Gfr Ingredients Canada
E41-0073772-2/2/1/C 29-May-2013 23YGT99 3010064485 Metro Gmbh & Co Kg Germany