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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for Peru

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
BUC-1929757-8/4/1 10-Jun-2013 62MJB08 3010197230 Clara Elizabeth Santivanez Guerra
906-2201981-9/3/1 12-Jun-2013 28AFH33 3009758315 Corporacion Perunor S.A.C.
906-2201981-9/1/1 12-Jun-2013 28AFH08 3009758315 Corporacion Perunor S.A.C.
9E8-3002877-5/1/1 12-Jun-2013 24HMH08 3008018037 Pabey Peru
96N-1001662-7/1/1 18-Jun-2013 24DCP60 3009951042 GLORIA S.A.
DM4-0373040-9/1/2 19-Jun-2013 24AFC84 3010132575 GREEN VEGETABLES & FLOWERS S.A.C
N77-0179485-1/11/1 19-Jun-2013 24AGH60 3004249952 Importadora y Exportadora Dona Isabel E.I.R.L
EVL-0321025-0/1/1 21-Jun-2013 24F08 3005185245 Exportadora Norpal S.A.C
MH9-2010940-1/1/1 24-Jun-2013 28AFH08 3009005048 Grupo San Nicolas
MH9-2010940-1/1/2 24-Jun-2013 28AFH08 3009005048 Grupo San Nicolas
MH9-2010940-1/2/1 24-Jun-2013 28AFH33 3009005048 Grupo San Nicolas
GU6-9967221-3/5/1 28-Jun-2013 60SBR13 3010171534 Cotymark Srl