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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for 89-Physical Medicine

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
112-2824758-7/1/1 04-Jun-2013 89IKN 3008990646 Cometa Italy
112-2598815-9/1/1 14-Jun-2013 89ILJ 3010109891 Hongfeng Co Ltd China
112-2912406-6/13/1 12-Jun-2013 89ILY 3008924629 Skylark Device & Systems Co., Ltd Taiwan
231-4292600-9/1/1 10-Jun-2013 89IMD 3005551233 Dia Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd Japan
112-2979954-5/1/2 25-Jun-2013 89IMI 3010198732 Boweik Tech Co.Ltd China
112-2864269-6/1/1 05-Jun-2013 89IPF 3008146008 Yingzhijian Technology Manufactory Limited China
101-3306468-3/8/1 18-Jun-2013 89IQC 3008255464 Delta Air Lines Singapore
101-3321184-7/18/1 18-Jun-2013 89IQC 3009560481 Delta Airlines Singapore
101-3321184-7/16/1 18-Jun-2013 89IQC 3009560481 Delta Airlines Singapore
AEK-0854194-4/1/1 04-Jun-2013 89ISA 3010181529 Tuos International Trade China
M96-2113470-6/1/1 10-Jun-2013 89ISA 3004113610 Hefei Jianqiao Sci-Tech Development Co., Ltd. China
AEK-9227355-2/1/1 20-Jun-2013 89ISA 3009052317 Mychway Co. Ltd. China
AMG-0091665-4/1/1 24-Jun-2013 89ISR 3009567332 Gastronomia Del Sur, S.A. De C.V. Mexico
AMG-0091723-1/1/1 24-Jun-2013 89ISR 3008920187 Shanghai David International China
UPS-1310781-0/1/1 27-Jun-2013 89ITJ 3007511279 Healthcare Solutions Canada
CFP-0010662-2/1/1 11-Jun-2013 89LYG 3009656601 Soulever Wellness Cc South Africa