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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for 62-Human and Animal Drugs

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
112-6394615-8/1/2 30-Sep-2013 62CCA65 3004505399 Astrazeneca Ireland
EBH-0073345-4/8/1 18-Sep-2013 62FBY20 3010337271 Comark International Corporation Philippines
DO7-8299069-4/1/3 04-Sep-2013 62FCB99 3010312080 Sodohoue Yvette Benin
DO7-8299069-4/1/1 04-Sep-2013 62FCJ99 3010312080 Sodohoue Yvette Benin
DO7-8299069-4/1/2 04-Sep-2013 62FCL99 3010312080 Sodohoue Yvette Benin
MA7-0581655-5/1/1 25-Sep-2013 62G99 3010268249 Clear Healthcare Australia
AEK-7786613-1/1/1 26-Sep-2013 62GBY99 3010397652 Pharmann Poland
UPS-2546145-2/1/1 26-Sep-2013 62GCO18 3010410641 Parviz Aghaipour Canada
820-4569110-0/5/1 26-Sep-2013 62HAY05 3009399540 Ningbo Cstar Import& Export Co., Ltd China
M21-0748612-0/1/1 04-Sep-2013 62KAE08 3002093078 Vasudha Pharma Chem Limited India
UPS-2487554-6/1/1 27-Sep-2013 62OCA41 3007489024 United Parcel Service 5xc/O Ups Deutschland Inc Co Ohg Germany
112-6394615-8/1/3 30-Sep-2013 62ODA14 3006337689 Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Ireland
112-2914065-8/1/1 18-Sep-2013 62QIZ07 3003735909 Nantong Jinghua Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. China
DN1-0095197-4/3/2 24-Sep-2013 62UAL11 3002623862 Wuzhou Shui Foo Cheung Pharmaceutical Corp., Ltd. China
EJG-0234297-6/1/1 19-Sep-2013 62UAS11 3005254981 MSN Laboratories Ltd. India
112-6394615-8/1/1 30-Sep-2013 62UDA08 3002429165 The Glassworks Ireland
EBH-0073345-4/6/1 18-Sep-2013 62WBY99 3008910380 Intelligent Skin Care Inc. Philippines
EBH-0073345-4/11/1 18-Sep-2013 62WBY99 3003725684 Unilever Philippines, Inc. Philippines
554-5390871-1/18/1 19-Sep-2013 62WBY99 3009796042 Cotyastor S.A. Spain
554-5390871-1/17/1 19-Sep-2013 62WBY99 3009796042 Cotyastor S.A. Spain