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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for 60-Human and Animal Drugs

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
799-1960521-6/4/1 23-Jan-2014 60CDK46 3010515606 Kahira Pharm Egypt
D52-9006948-8/1/2 15-Jan-2014 60GAY99 3006167812 Vinhtien Co., Ltd. Vietnam
D52-9006948-8/1/4 15-Jan-2014 60GAY99 3006167812 Vinhtien Co., Ltd. Vietnam
M21-0749499-1/1/1 24-Jan-2014 60IAB12 3009309093 Research Pharmaceutical Ltd China
FS2-8023469-1/2/1 24-Jan-2014 60LBK04 3009765802 Guangxi Yanantang Pharmaceutical Co. China
D52-9006948-8/2/1 15-Jan-2014 60LBY99 3006167812 Vinhtien Co., Ltd. Vietnam
BQL-0035655-8/2/4 09-Jan-2014 60LCA05 3008510654 Assol Ooo Russia
UPS-3548684-6/1/3 16-Jan-2014 60LCH69 3010563279 Wilson United Kingdom
799-2364549-7/1/1 10-Jan-2014 60NCS06 3003773765 Transo-Pharm Handels GMBH Germany
799-1468133-7/3/1 03-Jan-2014 60SBY99 2427358 Contract Pharmacal Corporation United States
AEK-1763301-3/1/1 16-Jan-2014 60SCA27 3010517661 Darin Bairuty Jordan
AEK-0817417-5/1/1 16-Jan-2014 60SCL99 3010489397 Valluvar Guruklum India
F23-9092932-1/6/1/B 13-Jan-2014 60WDF16 3003164454 Janssen - Cilag Spa. Italy
XXX-0203460-2/1/4 28-Jan-2014 60XAA17 3005616665 Delhi Pharma India